My TV looks out of place in my living room…

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Love a bit of teev of an eve but like a chic-look living room more? James Treble tells us how to marry the two.

At the end of a hard day, the desire to kick up your feet and relax is hard to resist. And the tellie is perfect for putting your grey matter on ice. Okay – sure – if you’re into the evening news, you’re getting the cerebral schizz. And there’s plenty of quality shows on offer if you’re not stuck on free-to-air.

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Placing the box in prime position for comfy viewing sometimes feels like you’re compromising on style. James gives us some tips for integrating your big (or small) screen into your space.

Buckle up, kidlets. We’re on the road to a magazine-worthy interior that delivers on practicality (and Game of Thrones).

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Don’t make the TV the focus of the room

Create a conversation pit with some armchairs or ottomans.

The how: Place them with their backs or sides to the TV. This shifts the focus and encourages all the chats with fam and friends.

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Display your vessels and ornaments on your entertainment unit

Use the extra space on the sides to show off your vase collection or photo frames.

The how: Fresh cut or artificial flowers also look great here because they provide a contrast to the hard lines and the impersonal element of modern technology.

JT: “Gussy up the space around the TV and it instantly becomes a cohesive part of the room.”

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Hide your TV when it’s not in use

Can’t stand the sight of your TV? Invest in an armoire or enclosed TV cabinet – both are terrific options that don’t require a lot of effort.

Keen to get crafty? Mask it as wall-art by wall-mounting the screen and hanging a frame or floating shelves around it.

Quick and simple tips from us to you. We hope that helps. Now to settle in for a little bit of The Killing. It’s one helluva Danish crime series. You haven’t heard of it? You’re welcome. 🙂

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