How To Turn Any Spare Space Into A Welcoming Guest Bedroom


Not all of us are blessed with a guest bedroom. Some of us have a hard time living in our own tiny houses without squeezing in all the friends and family too!

The offer to stay the night (or the weekend, or even the whole holidays) is always there. You love them to death. But where in the world are they going to sleep?

Whether you’ve got friends from afar, or it’s just your turn to host the party this year, we’ve got some easy tips for turning any space into a beautiful guest bedroom.

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When you have an open plan space

Open plan living rooms with adjoining kitchens or hallways can be challenging when setting up a guest bedroom. The space isn’t a ‘room’, is it? Here’s how to make it feel like one…

Define the ‘bedroom’

Because you don’t strictly have a bedroom in your open plan space, it’s important to define where the guest area is.

Make sure their bed (whether that’s the lounge, sofa bed or an air mattress!) and surrounds are free from clutter and mess, and if possible, create an area of seclusion around the guests’ space.

A clear boundary allows people to easily acknowledge when they’re in a common area or in the guests’ ‘bedroom’ and can be particularly helpful for letting kids know that it’s a private area.

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Think outside the house

Give guests plenty of time to get themselves up and ready in the morning. If you’re an early bird and you’re keen to start the day, or you have munchkins that want to run amuck, try getting out of the house for a few hours.

Go for breakfast, run some errands, take a walk, or go to the park. Giving your guests some space in the early hours is the polite thing to do, and gives you and the fam some time to unwind as well.

You don’t want to be on top of your guests the whole time they’re staying with you! Know when to get out of the house (and know when to bust in there and wake them up!).

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When you have a closed room

Creating a guest bedroom from a closed-in spare room or living area is much easier to manage. But closing the door to give your guests privacy can also block you out from much-needed things in your house…

Create different access points

Find different entrances and exits to your house, or find a way around your guest bedroom without disturbing them too much.

Sneak out the front or back to enjoy your cuppa outside on the deck instead of lounging in your usual spots. It’s all about compromise!

If they’re in a central location, keep the doors open during the day and close them at night for privacy when sleeping.

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Temporarily move your living room

If guests are taking up a lounge room or den where your television or gaming station is located, it can be best to just move those things to another room.

Get the kids together and watch TV in the bedroom or on the laptop before bed instead of plonking yourself in your guests’ bedroom. It’ll be like a little family sleepover, just for a few nights!

And if relocating your living room isn’t an option – go for a digital detox! Give the TV and PlayStation a miss and pull out the board games or a good book instead.

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Guest bedroom must-haves

For tips on creating the ultimate guest bedroom check out our previous post. It’s got all the essentials for making them feel at home in your home!

But here are a few extra things to remember if your guest space is actually in the middle of everyone’s space.

House Tour

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of having visitors and forget to show them around the house.

House tours are especially useful for kids as well as those who might not have stayed at your place previously.

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Open access to drink and snacks

Make sure guests know where they can find food and drink in the kitchen. Tell them they can help themselves. Then tell them again. (And again!)

Keep tea and coffee in an easily accessible place and keep plenty of water bottles on hand just in case.

Common space

When your guest is staying in a common space (that’s been redefined as a bedroom) it’s important to try and re-create a new common area where everyone can relax.

Your guest obviously doesn’t want everyone lounging around on their bed or moving their belongings during the day.

Take your tea out on the balcony or catch-up in the kitchen, or go outside and enjoy the parks or local sites.

Kyra Thomsen is a writer and editor from Sydney, NSW. She has experience in copywriting, blogging, journalism, and social media. After completing two degrees in Creative Writing and English Literature in 2013 she began work with the content team at Zanui. Kyra was the winner of the 2012 Questions Writing Prize and her work has been published in print and online for numerous sources, including Writer's Edit, Seizure, and Fairfax Media among others.