Which Of These 5 On-Trend Timber Tones Is Right For Your Home?


Timber tones can make or break a modern colour palette. But choosing the right wood isn’t easy! You have to think about grains and finishes and weathering…

We’re looking at our five favourite timber tones and how you can use them to style your space.

Why should you style with timber?

Timber furniture, flooring and veneered surfaces are anything but new. But that doesn’t make them outdated, it makes them timeless!

Rich, rustic pieces from Loft Furniture. Shop all furniture online at Zanui.

Here are five reasons to consider timber when designing your home:

  1. Hardwood flooring and furniture will last years
  2. It’s fairly easy to clean, treat and maintain
  3. Raw, reclaimed timber furniture is full of character
  4. Plenty of timbers are grown sustainably these days
  5. Neutral timbers add warmth and balance to any colour palette

Light & Airy Oak

  • Hardwood
  • Easy maintenance
  • Blonde colour

Vick 3 Seater Sofa, Cream with the Agacia Coffee Table, Oak from Zanui and Amalia Chunky Weave Wool Rug, Grey from Rug Culture. Shop all furniture online at Zanui.

Oak is one of the most popular timber choices for modern furniture. It’s a lighter wood commonly used in Scandinavian and contemporary styles because it goes with just about everything!

Oak is quite a grainy timber so it has plenty of character and strength, making it ideal for dining room furniture. It’s best to opt for oak furniture finished in a neutral stain to accentuate the timber.

Warm & Natural Ash

  • Hardwood
  • Strong but pliable
  • Often used as a substitute for oak

Bastian Coffee Table, Natural and the Scarlette Armchair, Light Grey from Zanui. Shop all furniture online at Zanui.

Similarly to oak, ash is a light-toned timber that looks lovely in coastal or Scandinavian settings. It comes in ‘black ash’ (a light brown shade) or ‘white ash’ (a creamier tone).

Ash is a strong hardwood and stands up well against daily damage, but it’s also pliable and great for woodworking. Use ash timber for furniture in high-traffic areas like your living area or bedroom.

Timeworn Teak

  • Used for outdoor furniture
  • Strong and heavy
  • Light tone turns greyish over time

robert plumb-timber-teak
The Chunky range of outdoor furniture from Robert Plumb. Shop all outdoor furniture online at Zanui.

Teak wood has been on-trend for a while, and for good reason! It’s perfect for outdoor furniture as it’s naturally resistant to insects and moisture, plus it’s super strong.

Teak timber starts off as a honey colour but naturally turns grey over time. It’s totally normal and adds charm to the wood! You can buy care kits to keep the original colour but we love the aged, earthy appeal of natural teak.

Chocolate Walnut (yum)

  • Hardwood
  • Very strong
  • Chocolate tone

The walnut range of charging hubs from Alldock. Shop all decor online at Zanui.

Walnut timber is a beautiful brown shade. This close-grained, super strong timber is perfect for larger furniture pieces like bedheads and chests of drawers.

The tone of walnut wood can vary from piece to piece (and oftentimes a single piece will show light and dark brown shades throughout!). Just be aware that multiple furniture pieces may look different!

Rich Mahogany

  • Hardwood
  • Naturally resistant to wood-rot
  • Reddish-brown colour

Verdaccio Hand Tufted Designer Wool Rug, Pewter from Harlequin on rich, wooden flooring. Shop all rugs online at Zanui.

This straight-grained timber is a strong, hardwood species that’s mostly used for sturdy furniture pieces in the bedroom. Its deep, reddish colour is classically luxurious and full of rich warmth.

Mahogany was commonly used for boat construction since it’s resistant to rotting, which makes it a long-lasting material for robust furniture.


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