Accessory overload – when you have too much stuff!

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Got too many things you love? Never fear! With some sneaky storage, you can create a snug and character-driven space and save yourself some dollars!

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I have a confession to make. I’m a hoarder to rival the late Margaret Olley (see pic below). I like to think it’s my creative bent. I like a little busyness. Or mess. Call it what you will. A little chaos is the birthplace of art after all. (Isn’t it??)

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And so in researching the images for this blog, where the main emphasis is essentially less is more, I have to say, I was drawn towards the cluttered spaces I found that I’d intended to use as examples of DON’T DO THIS – HERE’S WHY.

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And I began to ask myself, can you really have too much stuff? Sure, if you’re having to shift your vintage Singer sewing machine and rare pinned-butterfly collection from atop your bedsheets to get some zzz’s, perhaps you’ve crossed that line. (Always so difficult to distinguish until you’re safely over the other side.) But if you’re massing some serious colour and cultural combinations, well… that can look mighty fine.

So… I’ve hijacked JT’s design dilemma advice to give you a pictorial homage to homes that embrace (a little) excess…

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… whilst still giving you his handy advice about dealing with accessory overload!

The man says, “EDIT! You don’t have to throw away the things you love. Pick a few things that create a cohesive look and store the rest. Swap them over in six months and you’ll have a completely different look without having to spend anything.”

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Sage words, JT. Sage words.

But don’t these busy Boho-chic spaces to set your heart a-beat? 😉 Happy hoarding, lovelies.

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