How to Style Your Home like The Avengers

avengers interior style

The Avengers each have their own style, reflective of their personality and preferences. But how would they decorate their interiors? And how can we replicate it?

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The Avengers: Earth’s mightiest heroes, and style gurus. Well maybe not gurus… but each Avenger has their own aesthetic worth replicating. So, how can we embody the styles of The Avengers in our homes? Well, we have a few ideas…


Scarborough Side Table

Perhaps the most obvious choice, we believe Thor would be the very embodiment of the Scandi trend. Thor’s origin story is that he and the other Asgardians came to Earth long ago, and the Vikings saw a civilization so advanced, they thought Thor and his friends were gods. Many years later, where the Vikings once lived is now where we take our inspiration for Scandi designs from. It would only make sense that Thor would be all about this trendy look.

How to replicate it


Scandi is all about a lot of natural textures combined with light colours. Pale woods with white accents are always an excellent choice for this style. Of course, for more traditional Nordic charm, a light fur will also work very well. Finish with light cotton accents and some greenery to bring a bit of life to your space and you’ll make all of Asgard proud.

Iron Man

Brooklyn Drinks Trolley, Gold

There’s no way Iron Man wouldn’t be all about that glamorous Deco Luxe look. It’s got all the things he loves, drink carts (and drinks), gold and silver accents, shiny things, and iron. It’s a perfect fit!

How to replicate it

Manhattan Quilt Cover Set

Impressive dark colours are a staple of this look (though by no means necessary). What will really work well here is if you simply Treat Yo’ Self! Luxurious textures like velvet and satin in your homewares will be perfect. Throw in a little razzle dazzle sparkle in your accessories — a gold-framed mirror, crystal glassware, even coffee mugs with a little lustre. You can go even more Iron Man and include some iconic red in your décor. If you’re ever confused, just ask yourself — What Would Tony Stark Do?

The Hulk

Jameson 2 Seater Sofa

The Hulk or, as he is more commonly known, Bruce Banner is more than a big green monster in tight shorts. First and foremost he’s a scientist. A pretty good one since he has seven (7) PhDs! Bruce Banner’s style is much softer than his green counterpart. His style leans towards the New York Loft trend. Mostly grounded in modern minimalism, with a few comfy accents to warm the space up, this look is perfect for the slightly neurotic scientist.

How to replicate it

Maison Fringe Quilt Cover, Smoke

Stick to one solid colour scheme. Grey is always a great example because it’s so versatile. In one room it can feel strong an unyielding like concrete, in another it feels soft and cosy like cotton. You can do this with whatever colour you feel works best for your home, even green if you want to add a little Hulk to this Banner space.

Add a few throw cushions and blankets onto your bed, sofa, armchair — almost everywhere. Bruce Banner is the kind of man who wears cardigans, which translates into throw blankets for the home.

Black Widow

Rabat Side Table

It’s hard to know what Black Widow’s home might look like. This member of The Avengers seems to be constantly travelling, never setting roots, always on the run. But while that might be the case for Black Widow, it isn’t for Natasha Romanova, just like Bruce Banner.

Natasha has lead a complicated life, but never lost her femininity. Her style would reflect this, combining Minimalism with its bold blacks, and Romantic Floral.

How to replicate it

Marselha Quilt Cover Set

The modernist and romantic artistic movements oppose each other at almost every turn, so it is a very determined style that manages to combine the two.

To recreate this in your home, try by starting with the basics. Monochromatic walls and furniture are a perfect minimalist staple. Once you’ve created your modern palette, you can introduce romantic accents. Soft pinks are perfect to reflect the ballerina persona Black Widow once adopted for a completed aesthetic.

Finish the whole look with cosy touches. Natasha Romanova would never be uncomfortable in her own home.


Maia Tree Stump Side Table

Just like Black Widow, Hawkeye is a bit of a mystery, but we recently learned a bit more about him, specifically that he has a quaint farm where he and his family live. There’s no way Clint Barton the family man would go past a Modern Rustic décor.

How to replicate it

Bakewell Cross-Back Oak Dining Chair

This style should feel warm and inviting. Like your home is giving you a hug. There should be plenty of soft homewares, warm lighting, and the occasional plant. Play up the rustic element with a fur (fake or real), though it will work perfectly without it, just remember to keep natural textures like woods present.

Clint is an archer by trade, which means he’d likely play with vertical elements in his decor. Plenty of wall art, hung high and low are a must for a Hawkeye aesthetic. Even incorporate arrow patterns in your décor for a finished look.

Captain America

Kobe Rectangle Dining Table

Try as he might, Cap is still stuck in the past a bit. But in terms of style this doesn’t have to be a negative! This leader of The Avengers is from the middle of the 20th century so of course he would exemplify the Mid-Century Modern style.

How to replicate it

Maja Armchair

The Mid-Century Modern style combines vintage angles and contemporary finishes. This means you get to maintain those trendy white, wood, and grey colours while also bringing in some timeless retro shapes.

The 20th century was full of rounded edges in terms of chairs and sofas, and squarer corners for tables. Try to incorporate industrial accents such as wood, glass, and occasionally metal to stay on-trend with this look.

Of course though, Steve Rogers wouldn’t just live in the past. What makes this look come alive for him, is the use of contemporary accents. Artworks, cushions, rugs, throws, side tables, any or all of these could reflect a contemporary style in terms of colour or shape. After all, the Mid-Century Modern style isn’t just recreating the past — it’s combining all the good bits of then and now!

If you’re looking for more ways to style your home to reflect pop culture, be sure to have a look at our guide to interiors inspired by the Game of Thrones houses!

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.