How to schedule a timeline for your home makeover

How to schedule a timeline for your home makeover

Whether you’re DIYing your renovations or calling in the professionals, it’s important to have a timeline of when your home makeover will be done and dusted. Here’s exactly how to put together a realistic schedule.

Many of us are guilty of starting a project and letting weeks, months and, dare we say it, years go by before deciding to finish it – if at all! Renovating can be tiring and strenuous, and it’s easy to lose motivation. We know all about it.

As we’ve mentioned before in our top tips of what not to do during a DIY renovation, timing can be a tricky thing. Whether your house makeover is being done by your hands or a professional’s, it’s vital to have an overall vision of how and, more importantly, when tasks are to be completed.

Here’s how to put together a realistic timetable and keep track of your house restorations.

Get your calendar out

How to schedule a timeline for your home makeover

First thing is first, get out the calendar. A notepad or whiteboard will do just fine, but something large enough to see whole plan. Next, work out a time of year that best suits the journey you’re about to embark on.

You might be thinking, “Time of year?! I’m ready to start now!”. Hold that thought. Do you know which season is the best for painting? Do renovations need to be completed before an event you’re hosting? How many days you’re prepared to stay home for (if need be)?

These (and many more!) are questions you need to ask yourself before setting a starting date in stone. We also recommend that you leave room for bumps in the road! Of course, you hope that you won’t need those extra days but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Make your décor decisions before renovation starts

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Seems simple, but you definitely don’t want to be making a rushed decision simply because you’re running out of time. You’ll end up with a wall colour you hate looking at.

Do a lot of research and find your style, paint colours and tile choices prior to booking in the professionals. Measure your spaces to get the most accurate quotes and settle on prices that fit into your budget.

You want to have all of your materials ready to go from the day renovation starts. Top tip here is to make sure that there is plenty of stock in store. Accidents happen and sometimes you will need more supplies. Avoid any possible dead ends!

Prioritise your most-used rooms

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It won’t be very convenient having to go to a friend’s place to shower or eat takeout for two months straight. Think about what you can do to still live comfortably (for the most part) while your home is being put back together.

We suggest prioritising your bathrooms and kitchen above the other rooms in your home. They require the most attention plumbing-wise, tile-wise and everything-wise. An un-painted bedroom won’t be as frustrating as non-functioning tapware.

Last on the to-do list should be the exterior of the home. Many tradies will need to use various entrances of your home, may need to use power tools in the back or front yard, and will be stepping in and out with work gear all day. Don’t put your freshly laid grass through that.

Keep track of your trades


The last thing your tradesmen want is a house full of other tradesmen getting in their way. It might sound like a speedier idea having the tiler, plumber and electrician all over at once for a reno on fast-forward, but it’s not a good idea at all.

Tradesmen need their space in order to do a good job. If the environment is crowded, it will rush them and hinder their ability to work comfortably. Consider the time frame between the visits of your tradesmen as well – don’t risk having your floorboards installed after walls are freshly painted. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Simply ask your tradesmen how long the job will take them. Allow a day before your next tradesmen starts to accommodate for any delays. Slot it all into the calendar!

Keep communication clear

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Considering all these factors, you’re able to create a clear and concise timeline for your house makeover. The next step would be to make sure that everyone involved in the schedule is on the same page.

Communication is key for a smooth renovation. Everyone needs to be aware of the time and place they’re scheduled in. Since you’re overseeing the entire project, it’s best to add confirmations to the timeline.

Set reminders to text and call whoever you’re expecting to come and work or bring packages over the next few days. There’s nothing more calming than knowing everyone is on track! And that your timeline is positively effective 😉


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