And Baby Makes Three: Home Prep in Style

Baby room armchair

A new addition to the family is an exciting affair. Perhaps you’re expecting a bub, adopting a little one, or adding a furry friend to your home, it can be a thrilling time. But transitioning your home and lifestyle to a more family-friendly arrangement can be tricky, especially as you try to maintain beautiful interiors! So we’ve got a few ideas to help make your home baby-proof in style even if you don’t know what your style is yet.

Some of these ideas are long-term, and some are short-term to help you plan out your kid- or pet-friendly home.

The Nursery

Step one is creating the nursery. If you have the space, a separate room for bub (or Fido, if your pup is precocious) is ideal. If you don’t, signifying the area with colours and clever furnishing can make it seem like you do have the separate space.

A specific rug or colour palette can help create a designated kid-space that is distinct from the rest of your home.

Hiccups Strawberry Fields

Most nursery furniture is by-default kid-safe, so that doesn’t have to be a big worry. Just avoid sharp corners and top-heavy items that might fall over (this could include big floor lamps) and the rest should be simple. Because of this, the nursery can be a space where you let your creativity run free. Don’t stress too hard about finding the perfect colour palette as your little one will likely change their favourite colour with the seasons. Instead, try to stick to one palette that boasts softer colours that foster a calm atmosphere, and look to cute animal accents. (Their favourite colour may change, but no one hates adorable animal-inspired décor.)

Then, to treat yourself, look for natural tones and materials. A cute jute rug, a cotton armchair/reading chair, some decorative macramé, and other organic accents are timeless looks that you can bring out of the nursery to use in your own space later if you like.



It might be a while before your new family member is up and about, exploring the home. Unfortunately, little ones seem to love causing havoc for us grown-ups. That means the kitchen can be come a bit of a disaster zone if we don’t prepare adequately.

Safety-wise, we know that we need to keep items away from the edges of benches so that they can’t topple onto little heads. This can sometimes mean we just chuck everything into the cupboard which can make finding those items when we actually need them a bit tricky. That’s why we love making sure everything has its specific home.

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Living Room

The biggest danger in the living room will likely be your coffee table. This isn’t a big issue until your little one is crawling around the space, but it’s good to keep in mind going forward. If you’re considering nabbing a new coffee table, you might want to consider a large ottoman instead.

Ottoman Coffee Table

A soft ottoman might not be the most stable surface for your drinks, but adding a tray or platter to the arrangement can present an even and flat surface in one easy step. You can substitute in smaller ottomans for your side tables if you like and turn the whole living room into a softer, more comfortable space.

In General

For the most part, baby- or puppy-proofing a home is straight-forward. Keeping your style while you do it can be tricky but there are ways. Perhaps opt for wall stickers or even wall paper instead of heavy, framed prints on your walls. Throw down some soft, cosy rugs to warm up your floors. Even consider cute melamine tableware if that brings you some peace of mind. Overhead lighting can be safer than bold, tall floor lamps while still looking stunning and illuminating your space.

Ouef Cot

If you have any kid-proofing style hacks, let us know!

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.