How To Find The Perfect Bedding To Match Your Bed


Whether your next purchase is a bed or bedding, there are a few things you need to consider to get the entire bedroom look you’re after (and actually perfect it!). Here’s everything you need to know.

Styling a bedroom should be a cinch, right? Most beds come with matching chests of drawers and bedside tables… too easy.

But that’s only half of the task at hand.

The second half of the task is where most people come across the bedroom blunder: you have no idea what type of bedding will suit your bedhead or frame.

It’s OK! We’re here to help.

samson upholstered bed from zanui
Featured: Samson bed from Zanui, the Amalia Chunky Weave Wool Rug, Grey from Rug Culture and Vovo cushions from Amigos De Hoy. Shop all bedroom furniture online at Zanui.

Finding the right bed (and bedding) for you

It’s important to know which type of frame, base or bedhead will match with the interior style you love.

Since it’s typically a bigger investment piece than the bedding, you want to know how versatile your bed is to style with quilts and cushions.

Timber frames

Timber bed frames are probably the most adaptable, since it’s a natural tone with neutral style.

If your timber is lighter and thinner, it will work well with Scandinavian or retro aesthetics.

timber bed from zanui
The Kielder Queen Bed from Gallery Home. Shop all bedroom furniture online at Zanui.

Timber in a richer tone and thicker in cut will complement rustic interiors as well as ethnic-inspired themes.

And either type of timber will work with coastal and Hamptons themes!

timber bed infograph zanui

Upholstered bedheads

Depending on the type of upholstery, your bed can work with an array of themes. Beds upholstered in leather typically work with modern styling.

Fabric upholstered beds are more relaxed and blend in with Scandi-inspired rooms as well.

The Grace Slip Cover Bed Head, Wall Mounting from Cornermill. Shop all bedroom furniture online at Zanui.

Headboards upholstered and decorated with buttons, tufted stitching or studs are often a stunning frame for vintage, classic or French Provincial styles.

Velvet-upholstered beds are best for those with a love for Art Deco and luxe styles.

upholstered bed infograph zanui

Metal bedheads

If your metal bedhead is patterned, it’ll work well with ethnic interiors.

And if the metal is more on the edgy side, it will work best with industrial or contemporary schemes.

metal bedhead and exotic quilt from zanui
The Neva Quilt Cover Set from Linen House. Shop all bedding online at Zanui.

Customise your style by working with different finishes: matte paint, gloss, gold, or distressed.

They each give your metal bed frame a totally different feel!

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