6 Tips for Organising a Super Productive Home Office


Getting stuff done when you’ve got no space to work can be difficult. We’ve got six essential tips for anyone who wants to improve their productivity (in style)…

Whether you’re freelancing from home or knuckling down on your finances, being productive is central to getting your work done and dusted. We’re big fans of efficiency, and we love a well-styled office space.

But what if you don’t really have the space or the privacy for a home office? How do you make do, and minimise distractions? We’ve got some tips for creating the perfect work zone, wherever you are 😉

1. Define your work space

Before you start working you’ll need to define a clear office space. It could be a spare room or it could be your kitchen table.

The important thing to remember is that wherever you choose to work:

  1. It needs to be practical
  2. The rest of your household need to respect your space

Have a chat with your family or housemates and set some boundaries around your work space while you’re in ‘office hours’. If you’re lucky enough to have a room or clear area for your office space, shut the door!

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2. Declutter your desk

If you’re working at the kitchen table or in the living room, clear your desk area and surrounds.

Get rid of all the envelopes and stray papers, give the surface a wipe down, and organise your notebooks and pens.

A clean work space is an inviting work space. Trust us, you’ll want to stay and work harder for longer if your desk is neat and tidy.

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3. Get a comfortable office chair

An ergonomic office chair is essential. You don’t want to be aching and sore after a couple of hours at the computer.

Look for something with lumbar support, and make sure you’re a good height and distance from your desktop or laptop. And try not to hunch! (Alternatively, look into getting a standing desk.)

Everyone’s comfort levels are different, so don’t think you need to get a padded, spinning chair if you don’t want to. A good dining chair can sometimes be just as comfortable (although for long days at the desk, we recommend a certified ergonomic chair!).

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4. Ditch your mobile phone

Once you’ve got the family and pets to disappear while you get to work, you need to limit all the other distractions. We’re talking about your phone (and all the beautiful apps that come with it!).

If you’re self-disciplined enough, turn on Airplane mode and get to work. If you’re more like us, you’re going to need to put your phone in a completely different room. Just in case.

Other technological distractions can include the television, background street noise, or the internet on your computer. Do what you have to do, even if it means getting some earplugs!

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4. Bring in a plant

One of our favourite ways to make an office feel fresh and vibrant is to introduce greenery. We love a little cactus on the desk, or a flowering orchid. Choose the perfect plant and bring your whole room to life.

If you’re worried about killing your new green friend, go for an artificial plant. No watering, no fuss. Place the plant on your desk or on a table or windowsill nearby. It’ll make you feel light and increase your creativity.

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5. Consider your lighting

Another great way to make your ‘office’ feel more like an actual office is to throw back the curtains, open a window and let in natural light.

Natural light, as opposed to harsh fluorescents, will make you feel relaxed (even though you might be working on something difficult). It’ll also lessen eye strain so you can work comfortably for longer.

If you’re in an odd working spot, add a lamp or perhaps even some candles for mood lighting. Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere — anything that’s soothing, and not stressful.

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Kyra Thomsen is a writer and editor from Sydney, NSW. She has experience in copywriting, blogging, journalism, and social media. After completing two degrees in Creative Writing and English Literature in 2013 she began work with the content team at Zanui. Kyra was the winner of the 2012 Questions Writing Prize and her work has been published in print and online for numerous sources, including Writer's Edit, Seizure, and Fairfax Media among others.