Our Fave Maxwell & Williams Aussie Artist Collabs

maxwell & williams megan mckean

Like kangaroos and Vegemite, Maxwell & Williams is an Australian icon. There’s at least one thing from Maxwell & Williams in your home right now, guaranteed. Most likely something from the White Basics range. Probably a dinner plate, or a mug.

This Aussie champion of tabletop, cooktop and countertop regularly collaborates with established and up-and-coming Australian artists.

These collaborations help the artists get their names out there, all over the country. They also result in the creation of charming and collectible designs that are perfect for gifting to anyone and everyone!

Let’s explore some of the current artist collaboration ranges. 

Megan McKean

maxwell & williams megan mckean

Dreaming of international travel? Bring your favourite world cities home to you with the Megan McKean Cities range!

Artist Megan McKean creates colourful illustrations of famous cities and their iconic landmarks, including London, Melbourne and Paris.

maxwell & williams megan mckean

This collection includes porcelain mugs, trays and coasters, as well as travel mugs and placemats.

Any piece from the Megan McKean collection makes a perfect gift for someone who loves to travel, or who has a fondness for a particular city.


Pete Cromer

maxwell & williams pete cromer

This one’s perfect for lovers of animals and colour!

Pete Cromer is known for his bold collages of vibrant colours and striking textures, and he’s brought this unique art style to his collaboration with Maxwell & Williams.


The popular Pete Cromer collection currently includes mugs, egg cups, coasters, tote bags, tea towels and drink bottles.

The charming animal designs are so fun to collect, plus they make great gifts for just about anyone!


Melanie Hava

maxwell & williams melanie hava

Melanie Hava comes from a rich mix of Austrian and Australian Aboriginal heritage. She channels both in her art, taking inspiration from reef and rainforest.

Melanie’s “Jugaig-Bana-Wabu” range includes mugs, coasters, tea towels and drink bottles.


Each piece depicts Australian birds and marine life in vibrant colours and expressive detail.

This enchanting range perfectly celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of Australian fauna and Aboriginal art.


Marini Ferlazzo

maxwell & williams marini ferlazzo

Marini Ferlazzo is a family-owned business based in Melbourne, which supports wildlife conservation projects around the world.

The artist, Nathan Ferlazzo, uses traditional nib and Indian ink to create his intricate artworks.

There are literally thousands of points of detail in each and every piece. The closer you look, the more beauty and detail you find!

maxwell & williams marini ferlazzo

The Maxwell & Williams Marini Ferlazzo range includes coasters, mugs, tea towels, drink bottles and plates that are fun to collect and great to gift to those you love.


Mulga the Artist

maxwell & williams mulga the artist

A.K.A Joel Moore, Mulga is a renowned street artist from Sydney who blends street and surf style into something uniquely Australian.

The Mulga collaboration with Maxwell & Williams includes drink bottles, coasters and mugs.

This range features some really unique and quirky characters, like fabulously bearded men and too-cool surfie cockatoos.

maxwell & williams mulga the artist

If you’re looking for a really fun gift, particularly for any hard-to-buy-for men in your life, look no further than the Mulga range from Maxwell & Williams.


Sally Howell

maxwell & williams sally howell

Last but not least is the Sally Howell range, which happens to be this writer’s personal favourite!

These mugs and children’s dinner sets feature adorable illustrations of Australian animals and plant life.

There’s something very children’s-book-ish about these designs, which gives them a very nostalgic and heart-warming feel.

Maxwell & Williams, if you’re reading this: please release Sally Howell drink bottles. Thanks!


Which is your favourite Maxwell & Williams artist collab? Let us know in the comments below!

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