Sunday Minx: Changing the Way We Think About Bath Towels

Sunday Minx Bath Towels Brooke Rudzis

Sunday Minx is already making waves when it comes to bath towels. They’ve changed the game entirely with their bold and bright designs in the short time since the brand was founded. That’s why it was so exciting for us when we launched their latest collection over at Zanui!

Brooke Rudzis is the founder and lead creative behind this exciting Aussie name. Having just returned from a well-deserved break spent in Hawaii, she took time out of her busy day to answer a few of our burning questions.

What makes the towels so amazing? How did you guys come to be? And, of course, where did that fantastic name come from?!

Find out all this and more below!

Who is Sunday Minx?

Sunday Minx Bath Towels

Get to know this exciting new brand.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the brand?

A: Sunday Minx designs bath towels that feel as good as they look! We’ve been in business for 2.5 years – so I consider us a toddler – haha!

Our bath towels are all made with 100% Turkish cotton, which delivers amazingly soft, highly absorbent towels perfect for everyday use. We wanted our creations to challenge the norm of traditional, plain-coloured towels, by introducing bold colours and contemporary patterns to stylish bathrooms.

The initial vision was to start with bath towels and expand to other homewares products, however I now want to build Sunday Minx up to be the bath towel of choice. I want to own that space and not dilute our focus by introducing other products outside of bath towels.

We currently ship within Australia and New Zealand and have worked with some online distributors in the USA and Europe as well!

Q: Where did the name ‘Sunday Minx’ come from?

A: Choosing a name for my business was a task I did not undertake lightly. I wanted my brand identity to have meaning and substance while also being quirky and memorable. I had two contrasting attitudes towards what I was creating:

  1. Only the best quality!
  2. Being disruptive and cheeky. Challenging the norm.

So first, there’s the Sunday. To me Sunday is a day of reflection, of selfishness, hibernating and doing things that make you smile. It gives us a day to recharge and re-balance. It reflects wholesomeness and quality.

Then there’s the Minx! A minx is defined as someone who has unusual seductive powers, such that she could commit acts that would otherwise be considered inappropriate, while still maintaining an air of class or poise. I love this! It is cheeky, sophisticated and disruptive all in one!

And so … Sunday Minx was born. It is the fusion of two moods that will challenge and excite the creation of my brand essence.

Q: How was the experience of building Sunday Minx from the ground up?

A: It’s been so rewarding, but it’s also come with a generous serving of challenges! Upon reflection, I started quite naively, completely underestimating how many facets there are to starting and building a business. That is what has made it so rewarding, though.

I had to upskill in a lot of areas, which required a lot of dedication, an open mind and a willingness to learn. At times I felt quite vulnerable not knowing all the jargon or having a thorough understanding of business structures, finances, logistics or website technology. But it pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone and learn from amazing people.

Q: Who’s been your biggest supporter?

A: My family have been my biggest supporters from day one. My husband Shane has been there through every hurdle and highlight. We bounce ideas off each other, high five the wins and embrace every opportunity as a team.

Likewise, my parents and brother have all played a role in building the business. From the heavy-lifting of boxes and pallets, to creating a production line for order fulfillment, to just giving that hug and pep talk when needed – we have stuck together and powered ahead!

Sunday Minx Brooke and Shane Rudzis

How cute are these two!

Q: What sets Sunday Minx towels apart from others on the market?

A: There are two major focuses that I have to ensure Sunday Minx bath towels are different and unique – Quality and Design.


Quality is so important to me. Superior quality materials always stand the test of time and deliver a beautiful experience to the owner.  I literally went on a mission to find the perfect cotton for our bath towels. It needed to be soft, absorbent, fast-drying and strong.

I heard about a textile trade show in Germany that was showcasing thousands of manufacturers from all over Europe. It seemed the perfect place to really sample and compare the creations of hundreds of towel producers. The only hurdle … it started in 3 days! Undeterred, I booked a flight that night, packed my bags and landed in Frankfurt 24 hours later!

I learnt so much about cotton on that trip. The standout winner for me was Turkish cotton – it was raising eyebrows and many luxury hotels were switching from Egyptian cotton to Turkish cotton due to its incredible softness and excellent absorbency.

So, Sunday Minx only uses 100% Turkish cotton. You can feel the difference the moment it touches your skin. The cotton gets softer with every wash, dries quickly and truly dries you effortlessly.

The care and pride our Turkish manufacturer has for their product and country is beautiful. They are a delight to work with and have taught me a lot about the manufacturing process.

Sunday Minx Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

Sunday Minx bath towels are made using only the highest quality pure Turkish cotton


Design was also important. I wanted to challenge those average bath towel designs and give consumers options to add colour, pattern, personality and fun to their bathrooms! Traditional, plain-coloured towels lacked that oomph I was looking for in our bathroom, so I had to look outside the norm.

I wanted to add art and colour to the space in a simple and cost effective way, and found that beautiful, bold colours and contemporary patterns on a bath towel can do just that!

We like to say that “Sunday Minx bath towels feel as good as they look” – quality and design blended together!

Q: What was your inspiration behind, and how well have people responded to, your bolder designs?

Sunday Minx McAlpin towels

The bold, bright designs Sunday Minx are known for are a refreshing change from plain white towels, that’s for sure! Shop the McAlpin Towels online at Zanui.

A: My colour palettes have been quite bold to date as I decided to give Aussies credit for being quite adventurous in their interior choices. We seem to have a fresh, young and colourful approach to our homes, so I created towels to enhance this.

I recognise that not everyone will take the leap towards owning a dramatic bath towel, however our sales show there is certainly a lot of people who do love this new take on accessorising their bathroom. Some of our stylists have also shown to great effect that a splash of colour in a sophisticated bathroom can be the cherry on top that was needed!

There are now quite a number of brands doing patterned towels and it excites me that momentum is growing and a demand is there beyond the traditional plain bath towel.

Q: Has there been a ‘crowning achievement’ or a particularly memorable moment since you started Sunday Minx?

A: I don’t take it lightly that many small businesses have to close within their first year. While we certainly still have a lot to do and a long way to go, I do applaud us for surviving those initial tough years.

Holding my first samples was a big moment. Holding and using a product that was my own creation was overwhelmingly wonderful!

I also fondly remember when we had our first BIG order from the USA and we had to call in lots of help to get the pallets packed. The family arrived in force and we packed and packed, laughed, sang and danced to tunes until the job was done.

Q: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?

A: I truly love all of the designs. One of the benefits of having reasonably small collections is being able to fine-tune each design to be something that I love.

In our current range – The Deco District Collection – I am really loving the Breakwater. That gorgeous sapphire blue is so striking against crisp white tiles, however all three colours are on high rotation in our bathrooms.

I’m also really proud that we could add bath mats to the recent collection. It was the missing piece that now allows us to offer a complete wall to floor collection!

Sunday Minx Breakwater towels

We love the Breakwater towels too! Available online at Zanui.

Q: What can we expect to see next from Sunday Minx?

A: Bath towels will continue to be our focus. I really want us to be the bath towel of choice. When people recognise they need a new towel, I want them to come to us first!

I’m working on a new collection that will again show a different side to Sunday Minx and takes into account some of the interior trends predicted for late 2018 and 2019.

In the long term, I would love to have multiple collections that appeal to different tastes and styles. I also would like to eventually offer Bath, Beach and Kids towel products.

Let’s Get Personal

Brooke Rudzis Sunday Minx

Get to know Sunday Minx founder, the lovely Brooke Rudzis.

Q: How did you get started in design?

A: I did an Interior Design Diploma as a result of a New Year’s Resolution to learn more about an industry I was passionate about. It sparked the fire within, and while I didn’t necessarily want to be an interior designer, I did want to work in this field.

Starting my own brand seemed to be the best fit for my skillset while also allowing me to release my creative side.

I’m not professionally trained in design or textile design and most of my ideas, themes and mood boards come from my personal inspirations and influences from what I see around me. I am very fortunate to have found a wonderful graphic designer who helps to fine-tune my ideas and sketches into a professional design template. Finding great people to work with is definitely the key to success.

Q: What would you say your personal interior style is, if you have one?

A: My preferred style is probably most aligned with a mid-century modern influence. I love simple lines, rooms that flow and statement furniture pieces. The use of wood, concrete and stone to create textures and warmth, accessorised with colour and pattern, that’s my dream home.

Places like Halycon House, The Laylow Waikiki and Ovolo Nishi capture my design love in different ways – colour, texture, fun, sophistication and uncomplicated spaces.

Q: What’s your favourite furniture or decor piece?

A: I love how artworks can transform a room. We have a lot of large, oversized canvases and I love the impact they have on the space and the colours they bring.

I also love our coffee table. It is a huge piece – definitely too big to be practical! – but it’s become the centrepiece of the living room with our favourite coffee table books, candles and small ornaments meticulously arranged on it.

Funny story. When I bought this coffee table years ago I thought I would be financially savvy, so I opted to pick it up rather than have it delivered. After driving 1.5hrs (I got the location mixed up) we arrived to discover it was too big to fit in the car. After a quick trip to Bunnings, we tied it to the roof of the car and crawled home praying it wouldn’t lift off. I have always paid for delivery from that day onwards!

Q: Is there a piece of furniture or decor you’ve always dreamed of owning?

Silma Sofa Iniko

Perhaps something like our Silma 3 Seater Sofa from Iniko?

A: Oh – I could make a list for hours!!

I would love a statement sofa – perhaps in an amazing navy or emerald velvet! So rock and roll!

I also love the photography of Slim Aarons, so one of his giant framed images would definitely make the wish list too.

Q: Do you have any bathroom styling rules or tips you swear by?

A: We all love the feeling of going into a Day Spa. It’s cleansing and relaxing – largely because they are free of clutter, smell beautiful and let you zone out from daily pressures.

Try and replicate this in your own bathroom.

Keep your bathroom clutter and mess-free by making storage your best friend. Keep your vanity clear and your mind will also be clear. Have a favourite candle or diffuser in your bathroom and identify what colour makes you feel relaxed and calm, and add touches of it around your bathroom space. Make your bathroom your own little sanctuary!

For extra tips on exactly this, you can check out our guide to making your bathroom a personal oasis! 

Q: Where were you before Sunday Minx?

A: Prior to starting Sunday Minx I worked in Sales and Advertising for a large corporation. I loved my team and clients, however was ready for the new challenge of being my own boss. I’m far more accountable now, yet I also feel liberated. It is nice to see the work I do make a real difference and impact on my business.

Q: If you didn’t have Sunday Minx, what would you be doing?

A: Wow – what an interesting question! Initially I assumed I would probably still be working in media in some capacity, however I would like to think, if I hadn’t launched Sunday Minx, that I would have made the move to a career that aligned with a passion point – interiors, travel or sport.

I loved my time in the corporate world, however I get so much more value from meeting and working with small to medium businesses. These people have a genuine love and care for their work and real pride in their achievements. I’m so glad I’ve had my eyes opened to this and would always prefer to work in this space of creative thinkers and people who care about the work/life blend.

Q: What advice would you give someone who might be thinking of starting their own start-up company?

A: I will always encourage people to go for it! If you don’t try, you will never know where it could lead.

I would caution entrepreneurs that a lot of work, energy, confidence and belief is needed. Overnight success stories are rare and most businesses work hard for years before they reap the rewards.

Ask questions, be prepared to learn, listen and get used to being out of your comfort zone. Always have a box of tissues (for the tears) and a bottle of champagne (for the celebrations) on hand! Celebrate the smallest of wins and don’t let self-doubt talk you out of your dream.

Enjoy the ride!


Elizabeth is a digital content writer and copy editor from Sydney, Australia, with a degree in Media & Communications from the University of New South Wales. When she isn't writing for Zanui, she's usually attempting further study, burying her head in a novel (or writing her own), pestering her cat, or desperately trying to keep her small potted succulent alive.