Find the Right Indoor Herb Garden For You


Indoor herb gardens add a flash of green to your décor and flavour to your cooking. Here’s how to find the right design for your space.

You don’t need a home with a picket fence to cultivate your very own herb garden. Herb gardens come in all styles and sizes, from humble jam jars of sprouts to terrariums and jute hanging planters trailing thyme.

Herb gardens add living accents to your home. They draw the outdoors in, they contribute zesty flavours to your cuisine, and, for the most part, they’re easy to maintain.

Having a herb garden can also improve your health. And not just through the vitamins and nutrients it contributes. Growing your own parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme is good for the soul.

Gardening can alleviate depression, reduce stress and blood pressure, and more.* And there’s a herb garden sized for every home. We’re sold.

*According to Cultivate NSW, the peak body for horticultural therapy.

Vintage tin herb gardens from

What style herb garden is right for your space?

If you’re blessed with the kind of home that comes with sprawling lawns, stables and croquet courts, then finding a spot for your greenhouse won’t be hard. But if you’re living in the big smoke, space can become a luxury.

But there are loads of different ways to house your herbs. And pint-sized herb gardens work just as well.

Here are a few of our favourites, from super simple to more complex.

Mason-jar Sink Mates from 

Mason-jar Sink Mates

Like an easy life? These Mason-jar Sink Mates are simple yet chic. They’re the stylish cousins of herbs in vegemite jars.

Free The People take you through the planting steps here. A word of advice, start with seedlings, especially if you have a talent of turning green things brown.

Their close proximity to the sink will prompt you to water them!

Windowsill herb garden from 

Windowsill Herb Gardens

Hang mini galvanised buckets of herbs from your windowsill to create an aromatic installation. This is a great option if you’re low on space.

Alternatively dress up your windowsill with a range of herbs in a planter set or a series of mismatched vintage tins for eclectic looks.

Container herb garden from Try a galvanised metal tub for a more masculine style. Browse pots and planters online at Zanui.

One-Stop Herb Pot

Introduce a range of herbs to one pot and have your favourite flavour-enhancers at your fingertips.

Technically, herbs like rosemary and thyme that like to dry out in between waterings and herbs like parsley and chives that enjoy constant moisture work well together. But a mix will also work.

Leave a little room between the different herbs and periodically pinch them back. Herbs like this. The more you use, the more you get!

Tip: Use good potting soil that drains well, rather than dirt from your garden. And select a spot that receives about six hours of sun per day. (Or move the pot to achieve this!)

Step-ladder herb garden from Browse ladder shelves online at Zanui.

Bookshelf/Ladder Herb Garden

If your home is open plan, a bookshelf or ladder garden can be a creative way to introduce zones.

Using an open-framed bookshelf or a ladder means you won’t lose that airy ambience.

Teacup Herb Garden from Browse tea cups online at Zanui.

Teacup/Teapot Herb Gardens

Like your look a little more quirky? Sow your herbs in teapots and teacups for bohemian charm. These work well on your windowsills, hanging from under-cabinet hooks or from a pegboard.

Work with matching teacups or combine diverse styles and patterns for a pop of playful drama.

j. elliot HOME Brooke 3-Piece Hanging Planter, Copper. Browse pots and planters online at Zanui.

Hanging Herb Gardens

If you’re tight on room, utilise your ceiling space to house your herbs. Opt for hanging planters made from macramé, jute and metal. Or a hanging terrarium – a floating microcosm of palate-pleasers.

Consider trailing herbs or choosing planters with geometric silhouettes, like the Rogue Living Geo Hanging Bowls for added visual appeal.

Wall-mounted Mason-Jar Herb Garden from

Wall-mounted Mason Jar Herb Garden

Got some empty wall-space in your kitchen? Wall-mounted herb gardens are handy and decorative. They work horizontally or vertically.

Inhabitat talk you through the details here: how to ascertain the correct placement (consider the light), how to adhere the hose clamps and wood panels, why you add stones (drainage) and charcoal (balance pH), and arranging your herbs for peak handsome.

Pallet herb garden from

Pallet Herb Gardens

Like that country homestead look? Introduce a rustic pallet herb garden to your balcony or home. 99 Pallets added some extra planks to create cute shelving here.

We love the use of chalkboard paint so you can update your labels with the changing seasonings.

vertical-mason-jar-herbal-garden-from-susie-frazier vertical-mason-jar-herbal-garden-from-susie-frazier-2
Mason-Jar Vertical Herbal Garden from Susie Frazier.

Mason Jar Vertical Herb Garden

This clean-lined herb garden is to die for. And it’s ideal for small spaces. Pairing squares of salvaged wood with metal cables, its simple construction is easy on the eye and great for making the most out of unused corners in your home.

Note: you’ll need a drill, a degree of coordination and some handyman nous to achieve this one. Find the full details here.

Wall-mounted Mason-Jar Herb Gardens from

From living wall art to luscious flavours

We leave you with this quote from taste-master Yotam Ottolenghi,“Herbs deserve to be used much more liberally”.

Basil, coriander, dill, fennel, mint… the world is literally brimming with delicious options. And growing your own makes them even tastier.

Do you have a herb garden? Post a pic in the comments below. We’d love to see.


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