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From a modish distillery in Sydvegas to an Indo-Italian restaurant, the winners of this year’s IDEAwards offer some serious stimuli for design brilliance. Steal their style here!


Looking for a little inspiration for your home? Want a total revamp? A new colour palette? Or just a few new decorative touches? Learn from this year’s IDEA winners. Remember – imitation is the highest form of flattery. 🙂

Earlier this year IDEA (the Interior Design Excellence Awards) released their shortlist for this year’s awards. We shared some of our favourite innovative designs from the list with you here.


Last Friday, the winners were announced at the IDEA gala event. So we thought we’d celebrate with a trip through some of the champions. It’s a kind of holiday if you will. Each of these spaces shrieks vacay destination. And we’re hankering for a break. 🙂

Plus, we’re only too pleased to note a little bit of a whiskey theme.


Acme & Co took out the Emerging Designer of the Year and the Hospitality Awards with their design of the Archie Rose distillery.


The Archie Rose Distillery in Roseberry is one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets. This urban-industrial oasis delivers artisanal spirits, an uber-chic bar and James Audas – one of Australia’s best young sommeliers.

The distillery’s décor is defined by its raison d’etre – a return to the spirit-making craftsmanship of the past. Copper, steel, oak and concrete collude to create environs that marry no-frills factory with luxe finishes.


The bar is situated just metres from the distillery; its walls flanked with aging whisky barrels. The bartenders are eager to talk shop and the menu boasts a number of unreleased products in addition to the full Archie Rose range.

This space is primed for you to sample, sip and savour spirits tending towards the divine. Plus, it offers an insight into the distilling process through tours, showcasing some of the world’s finest custom-made stills.


IDEA said: it took “a rather unremarkable steel shed and created a compelling new establishment where artisanal making occupies centre stage. It is a total sensory journey that educates and engages patrons with the industrial processes of distillation, the product consumed at the bar and the Archie Rose brand.”

The result is masculine style at its best. It has bravura and a brash grace. Our advice? Check this joint out.


Shop the look:

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Arent & Pyke’s Figtree House won the Residential Decoration Award.


A beachside address has always been a want for us. If you’re living the dream already, congratulations (cue the green-eyed monster). If you’re still manifesting, check out the Arent & Pyke’s Figtree House. This Victorian terrace couples calm with kid-friendly.

The space is broken up throughout, evoking a series of diverse moods from the “composed inky solemnity of the intimate formal areas to the sun bleached lightness of the casual family spaces.”


We love the way it engages on different levels, catering for the individuals that make up its family. Spaces for savouring a single malt sit right up against vibey playrooms.

IDEA said: “Transforming a beachside Victorian terrace into a home, the design evokes different moods while still being flexible to the needs of a young family. As such, the spaces reflect their purpose: from the composed inky solemnity of the intimate formal zones to the sun bleached lightness of the casual family zones.”


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Browse here to evoke romantic and relaxed style. Love organic textures and foliage motifs, browse here.


Gia Jakarta designed by Hecker Guthrie won the International Design Award.


Planning a short break? Fire up your private jet and pop over to Indonesia stat. If you leave now you’ll be back for brunch. This dining establishment is worth it.

At Gia Jakarta, dining is a religion. This Italian restaurant fuses modern and mid-century cosmopolitan design, featuring geometric accents and a striking monochromatic palette. Inspired by iconic Italian architect Gio Ponti, its towering ceilings create a majestic space to pay homage to the art of eating.

Also, worth noting. There is a whiskey bar. =)


Crisp, opulent white converses with black marble and dark timber ceiling work – the perfect stage to showcase the culinary decadence of revered chef, Tuscany’s Tommaso Gonfiantini.

IDEA said: “Strong concepts and influences drawn from Italian 1950s design, film and architecture (such as that of Gio Ponte and Carlo Scarp) were incorporated in the planning and fitout to create an Italian-themed restaurant and whiskey bar located in Jakarta, Indonesia.”


Shop the look:

Add mid-century modish looks to your home here. Like a more contemporary line? Click here.


MAKE Architecture’s Local House won the Residential Single Award.


This St Kilda residence draws Californian bungalow elements together with playful rustic charm. To our mind, MAKE Architecture have created an over-sized cubby with state-of-the-art style.

It’s use of concrete throughout and sculptural ceiling space imbue this space with a cosiness and a touch of Scandi design.


IDEA said: “Inspiration for this extension came from thinking about how this family live and enjoy life. Spaces are playful – conceived more like a favourite local café than a private house, reflecting this family’s desire to create a home that allows them to connect with friends, family and their local community.”


Shop the look:

Introduce intriguing lighting to your space with these sculptural pieces. Or work the rustic-chic with Scandi design.

Other winners?

We love the clean lined modernity of Upper House, urban sanctuary as defined (and designed) by Jackson Clements Burrows.



Designer Nik Karalis of Woods Bagot fame received a gold medal for his contribution to the industry and Jackson Clements Burrows took out designer of the year. And the Melbourne School of Design at the University of Woolongong was recognised for its “considered use of materials and transparent overlapping of planning and spatial relationships”. It makes for one inspiring space. We’d LOVE to study there…

So does good design really does enhance your life? It most definitely enhances our mood! *allthedreamysighs*


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