3 Home Office Essentials for a Safe & Productive Work Space

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With the sudden and strict new measures of social distancing, many of us have found ourselves working from home with an unknown end date. At Zanui, we want to aid you through this period of uncertainty by helping you create a stellar work space where you can be just as productive as if you were at the office.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the three things that can make your home office a safe and productive zone.

1. A desk for everyone

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Whether you can dedicate a whole room to your work/study space or you’re carving out the nook under the staircase, finding the perfect desk is one of the most important things to consider.

There are two ways to choose a desk for your home:

  1. choose a desk you love and make it fit your space, or
  2. choose the space you need and find a desk to fit it.

Option 1: Size is everything

You’re lucky enough to have the luxury of dedicating a large swathe of space to your home office area. This means you have the option of choosing a desk that you find beautiful, and which also suits your work or study needs.

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An L-shaped desk can offer comfort and space, allowing you to easily shift from one work task to the next. If your work varies between the computer and hand drafting, for example, you can be at a whole new workstation with one spin of your chair!

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A long, sleek desk, on the other hand, can give character to your space without being obtrusive. Darker colours, especially black desks, offer a very stylish, minimalistic look for the modern home office.

A minimalist look is perfect for those who hate the clutter of their busy workplace desks. Further the minimalist look by reducing clutter on your desk. This can also help reduce distractions, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Another perk of a large desk means that if you and your partner are both working from home, you can share the desk for a seamless workday. They’re also great if you have children who are distance learning. There’s plenty of room for them to sit and work together, as they might in a normal classroom. 

Option 2 – Functional and practical space-savers

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If space is an issue, you’ll want to look for narrower desks and multifunctional units – that is, desks that serve more than one purpose.

There is more variety than ever when it comes to space-saving desks, with many built in mind for those of us without the luxury of huge living or dedicated home office spaces.

It’s easy to add functional and non-obtrusive furnishings into your home – you just need to know where to look.

office desks zanui home office furniture

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Narrow desks with built-in storage are a great choice to keep your space organised and efficient. At just over 60cm wide, the Tobias Ladder Shelf Desk, for example, blends easily into its surroundings and lets you work comfortably, no matter how tight the space.

This nifty desk, and others like it, functions as a display shelf when the desk is not being used. It even includes a cork noticeboard on the front, so you can keep track of upcoming tasks and errands.

There are many fold-down desks which can fit easily into your space for the workday, and seamlessly fold away, letting you leave your work at work.

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The Helegra Writing Desk is a great drop-down desk option for minimalists (and those trying to reduce clutter at home!). This desk can easily replace a sideboard in your living room, dining room, or other space.

To find a desk that won’t overcrowd your space, look for desks with narrow depths. You can place them easily in a hallway as a regular furnishing, but once they open up, they work as a full-sized study space!

2. The right office chair is essential

After a week of working from your lounge, on a dining chair, or in your bed, your back will ache and protest, and your productivity will decrease.

Maintaining your usual office lifestyle is impossible. Your posture will suffer, your muscles will become sore, and you might even do lasting damage to your spine.

Whether you have the luxury of boundless space, you’ve gotten the fold-down desk of your dreams, or you’re sitting crammed at your breakfast bench, it is still crucial to have a comfortable and ergonomic office chair.

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If your current work space is your kitchen bench, there are office chairs solutions for you too! Look for simple, raised stools with ergonomic support to keep you sharp and comfortable all day long.

A footrest is key for comfort at a breakfast bar, and these stools ensure a well-postured comfortable seat. Some bar stools even have armrests and high seat backs to help ease discomfort and keep your posture at its best during long seated sessions.

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For a little extra indulgence to ease you through these stressful times, why not go for a massage office chair? You won’t want to leave your workstation when you’re getting a decadent massage! Guaranteed to boost your productivity, an executive chair like this will help anyone feel comfortable and relaxed all day long.

3. Find a space and make it yours

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Now that many of us are working from home with partners, roommates, kids, and family, it’s crucial to stamp ownership on your work space. 

Indoor plants are a wonderful go-to for any office, always helping to create a calming and fresh mood. House plants offer loads of benefits, with many of them purifying the air and making a safer environment overall for you and your family.

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How you display your indoor plants is up to you! Novelty pots can help bring a smile to your face, and brightly coloured pots can provide cheeriness. Sleek, monochrome pots can help create that minimalist, uncluttered feel a home office environment should have.

If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a fussy indoor plant, then pop out to your front or backyard and take a clipping from a branch or flower. Placing them in a subtle vase will add warmth and sophistication to your space, making for a calmer work mood. Plus, they don’t cost a thing!

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There are many other ways to soothe your stresses – some more practical than others! A few clever, well-placed desk accessories can really make or break your work productivity.

Monitor stands are a great way to keep your screens at eye level. This prevents neck strain and stress, but can also help you to be organised and feel calm.

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Pallo’s Woody Wireless Charger Monitor Stand features a handy wireless phone charger plus other ports to declutter your desk. There’s also room to store your keyboard and mouse underneath, creating more room for you to work. 

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You might also want to consider a desk lamp for your work space. Some may find they’re lacking a bit of light while working away from the wide windows common in many office buildings. A desk lamp increases visibility, reducing eye strain and brightening up your home office when natural light just isn’t enough.

We also recommended trying a lovely scented candle or reed diffuser. Certain scents are proven to affect our moods. Opt for lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, rose, or vanilla-scented home fragrances to help ease stress (of which, if you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’re feeling plenty of right about now).



Got any tips you’d like to share on maintaining a productive but stylish home office set-up? Let us know in the comments!

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