Hollywood Glamour: Get The Look

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Nab a little luxury for yourself at home with Hollywood Glamour, the latest look from James Treble. Classical symmetry meets reflective accents for understated allure. JT shows us how.

Think symmetry and balance for classic elegance
Symmetry is the key to this look. The mirroring of the lamps, the potted peace lilies and the armchairs creates a sense of harmony within this space, while the vase draws the eye upward and the wall art creates a unifying focal point. Think balance with a focus on minimalism to create an open and inviting aesthetic…

JT: “It’s well-proportioned. It’s not overly cluttered. It’s chic. It’s a clean, fresh look with a touch of luxury.”

GLOBE WEST Industria Uovo Round Coffee Table

The GLOBE WEST Industria Uovo Round Coffee Table is to-die-for decadence, available online at Zanui.

Exploit the freshness of a neutral palette
The Anders Desert 3 Seater Sofa pairs with the Noah Cloud Armchairs to create a crisp, neutral base. The Deco Round Modern Rug in chartreuse adds warmth, working in partnership with the brass finish of the GLOBE WEST Industria Uovo Round Coffee Table and the lamps.

The neutral palette is picked up again in the yellowish-white flowers of the peace lilies. The dark green of the leaves add fresh vernal accents that are echoed in the botanic charm of the Bianco Scuro Wall Art.

Zanui Noah Cloud Armchair and Zanui Anders 3 Seater Sofa

Zanui Noah Cloud Armchair and Zanui Anders 3 Seater Sofa, available online at Zanui.

Temper straight lines with seductive curves
An element of formalism is established within the room through the clean-lines of the lounge and armchairs. This is softened by the circular silhouettes of the coffee table, rug and the lampshades.

Curves add sensuality to your space. The romance of the coffee table’s geometric base strengthens this. Its sleek lines exude Art Deco elegance, making it a striking feature piece.

JT: “I love the GLOBE WEST coffee table. It has a strong design but you can see through it – it has a glass top, so it remains quite light visually.”

Rug Republic Deco Round Modern Rug

Add textured and decorative appeal to your interiors with the Deco Round Modern Rug from Rug Republic

Revisit patterns in your décor accents to create a cohesive look
Geometrics are a theme within this room, repeated in the coffee table, the cushions and the rug in contrasting hues. This draws your room together whilst maintaining visual interest through the variations on colour.

JT: “The geometric pattern of the GLOBE WEST coffee table is repeated in the rug, while the rug’s yellow references the gold of the coffee table. The lamps also echo this with their vintage copper hue.”

Mix up your metallics
Reflective surfaces always up the luxe. They add a visual richness and intriguing light play to your space. Introduce textured interest by combining a variations on this theme.

JT: “You can mix up copper and gold and bronze finishes. Even though they have different intensities in terms of shine, they’re still metallics – they still tell the same story.”

United Artworks Bianco Scuro Painted Canvas Wall Art and Viore Design Zoya Nickel Floor Lamp

United Artworks Bianco Scuro Painted Canvas Wall Art and Viore Design Zoya Nickel Floor Lamp, available online at Zanui.

Want to turn up the colour?
If you’re a fan of bold, this look can take it!

JT: “This is a toned-down palette. You could introduce punches of colour according to the same rules of symmetry and placement. Golds, olive-greens, teals or softer Tiffany blues – those tones would work equally well with the neutrals of the lounges. As long as you’re working in opposition with the dark wall, this same recipe would work with different hues.”

And finally add some charisma in your decor accents
Inject some personality into your interiors with your choice of feature pieces. Take a risk on something a little more individual. Here James has opted for an Antique Caesar Statue and a quirky pill box crafted from resin.

“I particularly love the Crab Pill Box centrepiece. It makes a statement.”

We love it too! What do you think of LS Collections’ Decorative Crab Pill Box? Is it a win? 🙂

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