10 Ways To Give Your Guest Bedroom A Luxury Makeover


Create a cosy home away from home for your visitors with our tips for styling an inviting guest bedroom.

Styling the ultimate guest bedroom can be challenging. Each guest arrives with their own unique bag of nocturnal habits and tastes. It’s like having a mini hotel under your roof!

The answer? Make the space adaptable to meet your guests’ needs. Personal touches can make all the difference in helping them settle in.

Here are our tips for creating a welcoming ambience within your guest room, with just a touch of the luxe retreat.

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Shoot high with your thread counts

Sleeping somewhere unfamiliar can trigger insomnia. There are those sounds you can’t identify, the disruption to your routine and, of course, confusing time zones for international travellers.

Help your guests bed down with soft sheets, downy quilts and a good mattress. Opt for pure cotton with a higher thread count for a luxurious feel.

Invest in plush pillows – a thick and a thin to accommodate different tastes. Make their comfort a priority.

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Soothe their worries with relaxing scents

Encourage rest and relaxation with a series of scented candles or diffusers. Fresh floral or fruity scents are calming and homely.

Worried about naked flames? Opt for flameless candles instead.

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Have fresh linen to hand

House extra sheets and blankets in a jute or decorative basket so they’re easy to find. No one likes to be chilly in the wee hours.

And decorative storage baskets also serve as décor accents.

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Temper light and darkness

When you’re unsure of the set-up of a room, making your way from the light switch to the bed can be bruising. Diversify your lighting sources with sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. As well as making it easier to navigate, this makes your space more versatile – for reading/working pre-zzzs.

A low-wattage lamp can serve as an adult night-light for protection against those things that go bump in the night.

Alternatively, install a few plug-in LED night-lights. As their name suggests, these plug into your sockets and automatically light up when it gets dark.

Equally, ensuring your room is dark enough is important. Invest in blinds or drapes that shut out the sun to ensure your guests are not prematurely wakened. A lie-in is one of life’s most delicious pleasures. 😀

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Kit it out with a tea station

Establish a little snack station in a nook of the room. A simple tray with herbal and black teas, premium coffee bags, a kettle and UHT milk will suffice.

Add some teacups and saucers (fine bone china if you will, because tea tastes better this way). This way, your guests can help themselves to refreshments without having to trouble you.

It also saves them hours of searching through your cupboards for the sugar.

A bowl of fruit, some homemade shortbread or boiled sweets will answer to midnight cravings and the munchies. A carafe of water and a glass on the bedside table is also a nice touch.

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Add a tray on your bedside table to corral personal items

The bedside table is known for hosting flowers in a guest bedroom, and we’re not ones to stand in the way of tradition. A blousy bunch of flowers adds colour and a fresh feel to your room.

But adding a tray on your bedside table also allows guests to keep their personals all in one space. We’re talking specs, paperback, jewellery, wallet and the like.

Choose a decorative option to match your aesthetic.

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Treat them to luxe bath accessories

Include a few upmarket travel essentials (miniature shampoo, body lotion, soap etc.) to that freshly laundered towel folded on the corner of their bed. A bit of pampering is only a good thing.

And keep a spare toothbrush to hand just in case!

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Furnish it with reading materials

Tuck a few tomes of literature under your bedside table for their night-time reading. You don’t need too many. Just a couple of classics or your fave novels and/or some mags make a good start.

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Check your ticker!

Installing a small alarm clock or a wall clock helps guests keep to their time schedule. But make sure it’s not got too loud a ticker!

This can be more than a little crazy-making in the dead of the night. Especially for those battling jet lag!

And finally, tuck a pair of slippers under the bed for them

Appropriate this symbol of home comfort to make your guests feel truly welcome.


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