Autumn-Ready Interiors in 4 Simple Steps

autumn interior inspiration autumn leaves

Autumn is probably the most underrated season of all. It’s the season that sees us from the long, warm, sunny days of summer into the brisk coldness of winter. Spring might be associated with fresh flowers blooming and birds chirping, but autumn has style!

For most of Australia, the days and nights are about to start getting colder. It’s important to update our interiors to reflect that. The same way we pack away our pedestal fans in favour of portable heaters (unless we’re lucky enough to have air-conditioning!), we must also pack away our summer décor.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean throwing out all your jute rugs and expensive artworks and buying all-new furniture. By simply tweaking a few things here and there in your home, you can have any space autumn-ready in no time.

1) Try an autumn-inspired colour palette

Embolden your lounge space with the vivid jewel tones of the Nocturne range, coming soon to Zanui

The vivid jewel tones of the Nocturne range from Maison by Rapee are perfect for autumn styling. Coming soon to Zanui.

It’s getting cold outside, so it’s time to radiate warmth inside!

Set aside the cool blues and soft pastels of summer, because the colour palette of autumn revolves around deep, warm hues.

Take inspiration from the changing colours of the leaves; from magical sunsets and sunrises where the sky turns all shades of orange, pink, and gold or even from fire itself. We’re of course talking shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown. Think mustard yellow, terracotta, burgundy, crimson, and auburn.

Here are some swatches to inspire you!

autumn interior insporation leaves colours

autumn interior inspiration leaves colours

autumn interior inspiration


autumn interior inspiration leaves colour palette


autumn interior inspiration cat

autumn interior inspiration cat palette

Make your own colour palette here.

You can, of course, choose to deviate from this traditional (perhaps even a little clichéd) colour palette. Accent your autumn-ready interiors with shades of teal, inky blues, deep greens, and maybe even a hint of rich purple here and there to really (pumpkin) spice things up.

Our top tip: Bring these tones into your space with furnishings, such as cushions and throws, that can be easily switched out when the warm weather returns. Accenting a neutral-coloured sofa with a few bold red and orange cushions can work wonders for bringing warmth to your space.

2) Cosy up with soft furnishings

The beginning of autumn is a bit of an iffy period. The weather’s kind of in-between – not quite the heat of summer anymore, but not quite the coolness of winter, either.

Things do typically start to settle by the end of March, though. Daylight Saving ends (in those Aussie states that have it) and the nights are no longer so hot that it’s impossible to sleep.

That’s when it’s time pull out your warm soft furnishings! From duck feather & down quilts to chunky knitted throws, autumn is the time for getting cosy indoors.

autumn interior inspiration velvet

Cosy up in luxe style this autumn with the Como Velvet Quilt by L&M Home, available online now at Zanui.

Materials like faux fur, wool, and velvet are perfect for bringing a little autumn-luxe style to your space, while linen and cotton can be perfect if you live somewhere it doesn’t get really cold.

Our top tip: Drape a throw over the end of your bed or over the back of your living room sofa (or both!). Not only will this bring a very on-trend decorative accent to your space, it’ll also ensure you have that extra layer of warmth at hand should you need it.

autumn interior inspiration chunky knit throw

You can’t go wrong in autumn with a chunky knitted blanket or throw! We adore the Handmade Wool Chunky Knit Blanket, Large from Soulmade Designs seen here.

Don’t forget about your feet! Wooden, tile, and linoleum floors start to get very, very cold underfoot around this time of year. Give your feet a little treat with an ultra-plush rug. We love shag rugs, wool rugs, and microfibre rugs around this time of year (particularly the latter!).

autumn interior inspiration rugs

Protect your feet on those chilly autumn mornings by stepping out onto a plush rug, like the Oslo Shag Rug from Rug Culture, available at Zanui.

3) Make the most of your light

With the sun setting earlier each day as we begin our journey towards winter, you’ll probably find yourself turning lights on indoors earlier as well. Rather than switching on the ceiling lights, why not instead opt for accent lighting?

Overhead lights are generally made to illuminate a larger space, so they’ll tend to be brighter. This isn’t exactly great for creating the cosy atmosphere that an autumn interior wants. This is where table lamps and floor lamps come in.

Place a statement table lamp here and there throughout your home, or a floor lamp in your living room or reading nook. Not only will this look great, it’ll also bring practical ambient lighting to your space, too.

autumn interior inspiration accent lights

Statement lamps are perfect for bringing style and cosiness to your space this autumn. Shop the Nika Table Lamp from Mayfield, the Valencia Table Lamp from Mercator, and the Ezra Table Lamp from Amalfi online now at Zanui.

Our top tip: Look for white or neutral-coloured linen or cotton lamp shades, which softly diffuse light. These will help to bring a warm ambience to your space that’s just right when you’re reading or watching television on the couch.

You can also save money on heating bills by making the most of the sun’s natural warmth. If you don’t have north-facing windows that capture the light of the sun all day long, all is not lost.

Find the corner of your home that’s the most blessed by the sun’s rays (hopefully it’s not somewhere like the bathroom!). Even if it’s only in the morning, or only for a few hours in the afternoon. Turn this space into your reading nook or chill-out zone. Pair with a hot cup of tea, a comfy armchair, and a good book, then sit back and bask in the sun’s still-warm glow without ever having to leave the warmth of your home.

4) Create a warm atmosphere with candles

autumn interior inspiration candles

Candles can help create a warm atmosphere indoors, whether or not they’re lit.

The warm glow of a flickering candle flame may not bring a whole lot of physical warmth to your interiors, but it will go a long way towards creating a cosy atmosphere. A candle or two in the living room, in your bedroom, and even in the bathroom can fill your space with an added layer of warmth even without being lit.

If you’re a fan of scented candles, opt for nutty and spiced fragrances for autumn, rather than the fruity or flowery fragrances you might choose in summer. Such scents will only add to the cosiness of your interiors.


Our top picks: The French Vanilla Mini Candle from Palm Beach Collection, the Provence Delights Handcrafted Candle from Plantes & Parfums, and the White Tea & Ginger Soy Wax Candle from Inartisan, all available now at Zanui.

Our top tip: Try candles with wooden wicks. They crackle as they burn, mimicking both the sound and the smell of an open fire. 


Do you have any autumn interior style tips you swear by? Let us know in the comments below!


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