7 Easy Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home this Winter

warmth for winter interiors

Winter has come! As the mornings and nights have gotten colder, it’s become more and more tempting to turn on the heater. But there are other ways to bring warmth to your home this winter, which don’t involve hiking up the heating bill!

Check out our list of sure-fire ways to add cosiness and warmth to your home this winter, without touching the thermostat.

1. Switch to flannelette sheets


flannelette sheet sets

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Swap out your crisp cotton percale or wrinkled linen sheets for something a little bit thicker this winter.

Flannelette sheets are made of brushed cotton, so they’re a little weightier than your average bedsheets. With washing and wear, they tend to develop a little bit of a fuzzy feel, which just adds to their appeal. A bit like a beloved teddy bear.

Flannelette brings a cosy, comforting feeling to bedtime that is just so irresistible. Flannelette sheets are especially perfect (and a safer choice than electric or heavy blankets) for keeping younger children warm in winter, too.

2. Cook up a storm

winter warmth

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Your oven and stovetop generate a lot of heat. This is never more evident than when you’re trying to cook a roast lunch at Christmastime in Australia.

Winter is the perfect time to whip up all your favourite warm, hearty, homemade, house-warming dishes – casseroles, pasta bakes, soups and pies galore! It’s also the perfect time for baking bread, brownies, muffins, cakes, cookies, and all manner of sweet and savoury treats.

Anything that gets your oven running, or your slow cooker, or your stovetop – whatever your cooking instrument of choice. The heat will have the whole house warmed up, and the yummy smell will have everyone feeling happy (and probably hungry).

3. Layer up on cosy textures

warm winter blankets

Add warmth to your home in winter by layering up on cosy textures. Throw rugs are perfect for this!

Winter is the perfect time for playing with texture in your home. Certain textures add instant warmth to the home, like chunky knit throws, lush velvet and even the aforementioned flannelette.

Sheepskin throw rugs are perfect for winter decorating. They can be draped over the back of an armchair or over the end of your bed for effortlessly chic and cosy styling.

Two other wonderful textures for winter styling are shearling and boucle. These soft, fuzzy, super cosy fabrics look and feel just like your favourite winter coat. These textures are super on trend at the moment. You can find them on armchairs, cushions, bed heads and more, so they’re incredibly versatile and easy to work into your decor.

 4. Buy a rug

soft & cosy rugs for winter

Add warmth with plush rugs like the Macedo Fringed Shag Rug from Rug Culture.

You likely already know just how cold timber or tile floors can be in winter, especially if you don’t have underfloor heating!

Adding a rug can easily fix this problem. Wool rugs are a perfect choice – it will feel warm underfoot in winter but cool in summer, so a wool rug is great all year round. Shag rugs are also ideal, their plush pile providing a tactile treat for your toes!

5. Enjoy your favourite warm drink

buy mugs online zanui

Wrap your hands around a mug of your favourite warm drink to keep warm this winter.

Feel warm on the inside, too, by drinking your favourite hot beverage. Treat yourself to a pot of your favourite tea, a freshly brewed coffee or even an indulgent hot chocolate. Check out 6 indulgent hot chocolate recipes here.

The best part is, you can also warm up your hands by wrapping your fingers around the mug!

6. Light a candle (or two, or three)

candles for winter

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There’s something that’s just so soothing and inviting about the flickering light of a candle flame.

Candles with wood wicks will even crackle as they burn, creating that whole “cosy by the fire” experience – which is great if you don’t have a fireplace!

Apart from the flame itself, certain scents play a huge role in creating a cosy atmosphere and adding warmth to our homes in winter.

Move away from the fresh and fruity scents of summer. Instead, opt for rich, creamy, spicy and woody candle fragrances. Think cinnamon, vanilla and musk!

7. Invest in a heated throw

heated throws electric blankets winter

For ultimate winter warmth, shop electric blankets and heated throws online at Zanui.

They may be heated, but they aren’t heaters. So they’re not technically included in the heating bill!

Heated throw blankets are perfect for those really, really cold days. When you’re just sitting on the couch, working at your desk at home, or laying in bed and need a little extra warmth, you just plug in your heated throw, pick the heat setting, and then you’ll be warm in next to no time!

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