What Drink Goes in Which Wine Glass (And Why!)


Can’t tell a shiraz from a chardonnay? Not sure it really matters what kind of wine glass you use? Think again!

We’re partial to a drop of pinot at the end of the day – or a few fine wines with friends on the weekend 😉 If you’re reading this post, we bet you are too!

To make the most of your camembert-and-cab-sauv sesh, we suggest sipping from the right wine glass. It makes a difference! Any sommelier will agree.

If you want to do it right, you can’t just pour your reds into a flute – bonkers bordering on blasphemy, we say! Here’s the official guide to what wines go in what glass and why…

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White Wine Glasses

Ah, dry and fruity goodness; a splash of sweet moscato; sauvignon blanc topped with freshly cut strawberries…

Most white wines are best served chilled and crisp to present their delicate flavours. You don’t want your white wine to spend too long oxidising out of the bottle before you drink it.

Smaller, rounder wine glasses with narrower bowls and mouth openings are best – to prevent oxidisation.

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Red Wine Glasses

Rich and robust, full of aroma; a hint of oak, smoke, or maybe blackberries; we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

In contrast to white wine, red wines love oxidisation. The more oxygen and time spent out of the bottle, the better the bouquet and flavour.

Red wine glasses optimise oxidisation and aeration by being round and open in shape. All the better to swish and swill! Very fancy.

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Champagne Flutes

There’s nothing like a flute of bubbles to lift your spirits in celebration; the life of the party, held in a glass

Champagne and sparkling wines have been carbonated to give them that bubbly appeal. And if you don’t want your drink going flat, you’ll need to use a fluted glass.

Fluted glasses are tall and thin with small openings to reduce the surface area of the drink and minimise oxidisation – bubbles forever!

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Stemless Glasses

For the wine connoisseur with a love of modern design, you can’t go past a stemless glass.

They combine the more casual look of a tumbler with the classically refined curves of a wine glass – divine!

Stemless glasses can be a bit deceiving to look at because of their minimalist form. But don’t be fooled! Keep in mind the width of the glass bowl to ensure you treat your wine with the care it deserves.

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For those dinner parties and get-togethers; the more the merrier, as far as we’re concerned!

If you’re hosting a dinner or have lots of guests who indulge in a drop of red wine, it might be wise to invest in a carafe. They’re designed to aerate the red wine for optimum flavour, so everybody wins.

Carafes can also be a style statement, like a centrepiece, at your table. Their sculptural designs are stunning.

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