Day 6: Revive Old Light Bulbs As Xmas Baubles

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Upcycle your old light globes and create sparkling Christmas ornaments. The perfect occupation for small idle hands in the school holidays!


Decorating your home in honour of Santa’s arrival is one of our favourite parts about Christmas. We’re all for a little seasonal decor. Festive wall art, cute trinkets and baubles. Then tinsel, tinsel and more tinsel! … Okay. Maybe that’s enough.

If you’re looking to add a little individuality to your Tannenbaum this year, we’ve got you covered (in glitter – the best way!). Transform your old light bulbs into festive ornaments and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

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Repurpose your used light bulbs to create bright sparkly Christmas baubles. Any size will do. Just brush on glittering glue (available in most art + craft stores), roll the bulb in glitter, and let dry for 15 minutes.

Then hot-glue a loop of metallic embroidery floss to the bulb’s base for hanging. Too tricksy? Use some simple craft wire to create easy adjustable hooks…

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Feeling crafty? Create miniature snowmen or characters with craft paint. We adore these mini snowmen and super-sweet penguins.

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Appreciate the look but blessed with a fist full of thumbs? Revert to the experts here. (It’s good to know your limitations!)


Rouge Living do a delightful range of festive accents. Or treat the senses with some sweet holiday fragrances here.

Merry Christmas from Zanui!

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