DIY Door Mat To Welcome Your Guests In Style

Make the steps of your home as stylish as your interior with a personalised DIY door mat! It doesn’t take much to stamp your home with some signature style…

Sometimes the outside of the home gets a bit neglected when it comes to decorating. But first impressions are important! Give your doorstep some unique personality with a simple, low-maintenance DIY door mat.

We’ve gone with a casual ‘hello’, but the best bit is that you can personalise it with any text you wish! From a traditional ‘welcome’ to a print of your surname, your door mat is there to greet (and impress!) your guests with signature flair.

Watch the video or follow the steps below to be on your way 😉

What you need:

  • Spray paint (colours of your choice)
  • Plain/old door mat
  • Pencil
  • Stencil knife
  • Cardboard
  • Paper

What to do:

  1. Print out a template of your text in your desired font.
  2. Lay it out on a cardboard piece that is big enough to cover your door mat. Use your pencil to trace your text on the cardboard.
  3. Carefully using your stencil knife, cut out your tracing and pop the cardboard pieces out. Repeat for any additional shapes you with to decorate with.
  4. Centre your cardboard onto the door mat and hold it in place. Spray paint the cut-outs till they are completely covered. Remember to be generous with the spraying as most door mats will soak up the paint.
  5. Remove the cardboard stencil of your text and repeat the spraying process with any additional shapes if desired.
  6. Let it completely dry. Voila! Your door mat is ready to sit pretty at the steps of your home 😉

Natalie Milad is a content and blog writer who studied journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. Since her graduation in 2016, she has landed a gig at Zanui. Her days not writing are usually filled with DIY projects, floury benchtops and tending to her bunny. Natalie loves animated short films, animals and Christmas. She has experience in script writing, news reading and interviewing. Among her favourites was interning for The Bridal Bazaar.