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Add the personal touch to your Christmas tree decorating this festive season with these gorgeous wooden photo ornaments! Just perfect for getting the kids involved + celebrating your favourite memories…

Source some cute plain wooden ornaments + pick up a couple of supplies from your local art or $2 shop, and create rustic ornaments with the little people in your life. These are great for gifting to your extended family as well!

Print your pics in black + white for a vintage look or turn up the volume with bold brassy colours for a contemporary vibe. Or click here for more seasonal decor ideas from Zanui.

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You need

  • Wooden ornaments
  • Matte gel medium
  • White craft paint
  • Your fave Christmas photos printed on a LASER printer (ink jet won’t work). Be sure you image-flip the photo +/or text.
  • Foam brushes
  • Spray bottle
  • Twine for hanging
  • Glitter craft paint (optional)

The how

1. Paint wood ornaments with white craft paint. This makes a cleaner background onto which to transfer your photos.


2. Distress the ornament edges with sandpaper for an olde-worlde look!

3. Cut photos to size and apply a coat of gel medium to the IMAGE SIDE OF THE PHOTO.


4. Place photo IMAGE SIDE DOWN onto ornament. Use a credit card to smooth paper down and get rid of any air bubbles. Leave to dry overnight.


5. Use a spray-bottle to mist water over the back of the paper. Then use your finger to gently rub the paper away. Remove any paper hanging off edges as well.

For best results, rub paper off entire surface and allow it to dry (takes approx. 5mins). Repeat until you no longer see any paper remnants. It will take around 4 goes to get all the paper off…

Don’t worry if you rub a little of the image off… it just adds to its rustic charm!


6. Sand around edges again, if you’re super-keen. The more rustic, the better, we say! Accent with glitter paint according to your decorative taste… Insert twine and la voila! Your tree is adorned with adorable memories!

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Such a sweet idea! Merry Christmas!! 🙂

Images sourced: LandeeSeeLandeeDo.

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