Zanui Tips For a Festive Feel At Home This Christmas


Keep it festive at home this silly season and add fun, style, and warmth to your space with these clever and simple ideas.


Christmas Tree Styles and Sizes

Whether you’re living in a petite one-bedroom minimalist unit, a mid-sized contemporary apartment, or a large family home, Zanui has you sorted with a size tree to suit every space and style.

Large Interiors

For grand spaces or homes with high ceilings, you cannot go past a brilliant, classic style with this gorgeous frosted-tip Christmas tree.

frosty snowy

With the choice of 210cm or 240cm in height, the Frosty Snowy Christmas Tree is a standout performer for elegance and beauty. The tree offers dense branches and over 1000 tips to hang your decorations from, making for a stunning finish when dripping with decor or left sparse for a minimalist effect.

Medium-Small Interiors

Whether you’re tight on space or trying to add some cheer to a smaller living space in your home, you cannot go past the stylish and look of the Joyful & Triumphant LED Christmas Tree.

led tree

While reasonably tall in height, the narrow 82cm width and depth of the tree make it ideal for smaller interiors. An added blessing of this tree is the built-in LED tips, meaning you no longer need to deal with the hassle, fuss, and struggle of untangling and weaving in fairy lights. It offers a generous shape and form for you to style in any of your favourite Christmas colours, allowing you to create a festive feel in your space.

Unique Aesthetics

For those of you who hate breaking up your flawless year-round aesthetic for some colours you can’t stand, look no further than the one-of-a-kind Rustic Christmas Tree from Casa Uno.

564112 564111

With a petite form that only stands one meter tall, you can seamlessly add this beautiful, bohemian piece to your interior without breaking up your style or messing up your theme. There is still plenty of room to place rustic wrapped gifts around the base, and if you need more height, it is easy to prop it up on a timber box or stool!

Star Light, Shine Bright

It wouldn’t be a true Christmas without decking your halls with fairy lights! But these days there are hundreds of different festive pieces to choose from, so make sure you know your options when looking to decorate.

Festoon Lights

For the ever-popular festoon string lights, look no further than the Festivity Range. They each have the same functionality, with varying string length and globe quantity to suit your needs, but the fun differences involve the shape of the globe which can add easy interest to your space.


The unique, elongated style of the Festivity LED Long Globe String Lights offers a striking look when draped indoors or outdoors while the warm white tone adds easy cheer to your home this Christmas (and year-round!).


The subtle drop shape of the Festivity Bulb String Lights creates a warm, inviting, and joyful feel in your indoor or outdoor space.


The unique bauble-shaped globes of the Festivity LED Bulb String Lights also inspires a very merry feel in your space. They can be strung through your hallway, out on your patio, or even wrapped around your tree for a truly unique look.

Check out the rest of the Festivity Range to find the perfect bulbs to suit your needs.

Fairy Lights

Opt for a classic touch when styling your space with simple and festive fairy lights. With a variety of colour options and shapes, you can decorate your home in any way that suits your taste.

The striking multicoloured Wonderland LED Fairy Lights is a classic, kid-friendly style of string lights that provides easy colour to your space for effortless looks.


Wind them through the trees in your backyard or wrap them around your Christmas tree for brilliant and festive vibrancy.

For a more elegant look that suits a balcony or outdoor setting you cannot go past the classic icicle style of the warm white Christmas Fairy String Lights.


Simply hang the string up high and enjoy the view of the dangling icicles of warm white festive fun.

Double Trouble

For those who want the best of both words in terms of Christmas lighting and décor, then the Lorina Christmas Ornament Garland with LED Lights from Castle Road Interiors could be the perfect option for you.

750228 750227

The simple, rustic styled garland features 20 LED lights along the string and a collection of brilliant wintery-themed accents. This piece is a one-stop-shop for both decoration and style for your home this Christmas.

Have your tree and trim it too

In the famous words of Michael Bublé, the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door. So, make sure you merry your home up this Christmas and keep it feeling festive, fun, and as always, fashionable.

Check out the rest of our range of Christmas Décor for further ways to enhance your home this season.

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