Art Hide’s Latest Designer Cowhides, Exclusive to Zanui


We chat with designers from Art Hide, a Sydney studio creating contemporary cowhide cushions and rugs.

Their pieces are full of playful colour and pattern, making the classic cowhide look ultramodern once more.

How do they come up with such evocative homewares designs, and how are the hide products actually made?

Art Hide gave us all the insights into the hide homewares industry, including how to make sure you get the top-quality products for your home. (Hint: Art Hide standards are second to none!)

Featured: Trellis Hide Rug, Black by Art Hide. Shop hide rugs online at Zanui.

What do you love about working with hide, and why should customers fall in love with it too?

People come to Art Hide because they’re looking for something long lasting, natural, and tactile that always looks great.

Unlike wool, cowhide is hypo-allergenic, making it fabulous for the whole family –  kids included!

Dirt, dust and even liquids are repelled  – it’s all down to the fabulous natural oils within the hide.  And to clean it?  Lightly vacuum it or take it outside and shake any dust off.

Art Hide has the ability to take the average interior to the sublime. Our designs add warmth and texture to a space while looking cool and modern, yet classic at the same time.

Featured: Herringbone Hide Rug, Rainbow by Art Hide. Shop hide rugs online at Zanui.

How does the Art Hide design team come up with new designs, patterns, and colours?

Art Hide was created by Australian sisters, Kura Perkins and Bree Hay-Hendry in 2009. Entrepreneur and former PR executive Kura’s travels in South America inspired the Art Hide vision and Bree’s skills as a specialist textile and fashion designer brought the concept to life.

We start developing collections usually one year in advance. We take inspiration from our extensive travels, our colourful life with children (we have five little girls between us!), nature and fashion!

We also created a second brand in 2015, named Amigos de Hoy which you can also find on Zanui!

Featured: Pages Rectangular Leather Cushion, Black by Amigos De Hoy. Shop cushions online at Zanui.

What do you consider the latest design trends in hide for this season and the next?

Art Hide aims to take the raw aesthetic of a beautiful, natural textile to a whole new level.

We introduce contemporary design and colour and a range of innovative hide finishing techniques, such as laser burning, while still respecting and playing to the strengths of cowhide‘s natural beauty. There are so many beautiful natural colours so it’s important to not go crazy with colour.

That said, our work with colour is sophisticated and designed to really pop and complement the base colours. The Art Hide for Zanui range shows this off beautifully!

Featured: Trellis Hide Rug, Blue by Art Hide, Round Leather Floor Pad, Black & Joanie Tambourine, Gold from Amigos De Hoy.

How can customers ensure they’re buying a high-quality hide?

The answer is simple – buy Art Hide! Our reputation is built on quality and sustainability and we are being recognised globally for our work with hide.

Art Hide products are always made from the finest quality hide; and so it has a glorious lustre.

That’s because we source hides from the the best tanneries in Argentina, Brazil and Italy that are regulated to the highest global standards.

Be mindful when looking at cheap cowhide products that are a-plenty on the market. Inferior hide rugs almost always use cheap cotton thread that unravels and snaps, causing the rug to come apart. Art Hide always use commercial grade nylon thread that ensures a life time of use.

Often, inferior hides have a dull quality, may smell because of substandard tanning practices and may thin very quickly.

Featured: Trellis Hide Rug, Black and El Cielo Floor Cushion by Art Hide. Shop hide rugs online at Zanui.

Do you have any designing or decorating tips for working with hide when styling a space?

We have a brilliant style guide on our website that can help you decide which Art Hide rug is perfect for you. You can download it for free here.

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