5 Decor Trends We Love For Winter 2016


Don’t let the dark days of winter get you down – refresh your look with a décor update. We’ve got five hot trends we know you’re gonna love…

If you’re anything like us, being stuck inside every weekend this season has opened your eyes to the true state of your once-stylish home.

One minute you’re binge-watching Gilmore Girls and then suddenly you’re thinking… Have the walls always been so boring? When did that vintage lamp from the op shop get so ugly?

Perhaps you’re in need of an update.

Revamping your old look is easy enough to do. It’s all in the décor. Trust us, a few choice pieces can make all the difference.

Lucky for you, we’ve been keeping an eye on the market, what brands are booming, and what trends are, well, trending. Take a look. Here are our top five style hits for winter 2016.

Grey square in situ
Featured: Flag Digitally Printed Rug from Amigos De Hoy. Shop rugs online at Zanui.

Faux Fur & Hides

Keeping in line with the modern rustic trend and our current love of texture, faux fur and hide rugs are a must-have.

We love the textural feel of quality sheepskin. Simply toss over your sofa or armchair for easy styling and snuggle up when the lights go out.

Opt for faux fur for the same plush texture with that ethical edge (always a plus in our books!).

All-natural is in and that means hide rugs for your floor; a sure-fire way to warm up those toes if you have wooden floorboards.

Not just for country bumpkins, the latest rugs are combining cowhides with ultramodern metallics for luxury and a point of difference.

Featured: Sheepskin Animal Hide Rug (in taupe) from NSW Leather Co. Shop hide rugs online at Zanui.

Clear & Coloured Glass

We adore the idea of a vase-full of flowers. Try as we might to channel our inner-Mrs. Dalloway (who famously said she would buy the flowers herself!) we sometimes find ourselves with empty vessels scattered around the place. And that’s okay!

Glass vases can be decorative enough post-posie to bring an elegant lift to your look, even if your favourite flowers are out of season this time of year.

Coloured glass is a little bit retro and a whole lot lovely, and can brighten your space with personal flair.

Create a vignette with contrasts in clear crystal and coloured glass. Mix and match with tall and short vases for dimension. Highlight your collection with mementos. Get creative!

Featured: Ruutu vases from iittala. Shop vases online at Zanui.

Marble Candles

While marble serving boards have been in for a while, we’re now seeing marble just about everywhere. And our favourite marble must-haves are in candles.

Marble is a classic neutral, with its cool texture and mottled grey swirl. It harks back to Grecian elegance and simultaneously draws us in with a sleek, ultramodern mood. Marble is magic.

Combining smooth luxury with a comforting glow, a marble candle exudes an overly-indulgent look.

Perfect for mood lighting in the living room, adorning a side table, to give your relaxed Sunday a divine, decadent feel. Go on, you deserve it.

And if you’re safety-conscious or illuminating your bedroom or bathroom, opt for battery-operated flameless candles (they look just like the real thing!).

Marble On bedside Table
Featured: Flameless Carrara Marble Wax Candle from Enjoy Lighting. Shop candles online at Zanui.

Denim Tones & Textiles

Of all the practical fabrics we’ve seen this season, our stand-out fave is denim. Not just for jeans, denim has the perfect amount of retro style combined with that soft, worn-in comfort we know and love.

Denim is a durable material, so it’s great for practical pieces that get high usage in your home.

We’re seeing it in denim aprons (perfect for those days slaving away over your signature winter soup!) and also in designer rugs, where it provides plenty of texture and warmth to your floor.

If you love the look of denim but aren’t sure about the texture in your décor, opt for decorator items like cushions or artworks, in denim blue – all the nostalgic charm without the jeans-y jive.

Klee Light Denim A RM
Featured: Klee Cotton Rug, Light Denim from James Treble for RugSpace. Shop rugs online at Zanui.

Tripod Lamps

An easy way to make your home feel warm and welcoming this winter is to bring in mood lighting with lamps – for the bedroom, the reading nook, the nursery. Lamps in every room, we say!

One fine feature taken from the Scandinavian trend is tapered legs and tripod bases. In lighting, tripod bases balance an industrial look with the more minimalist style-lines of Scandi. A match made in heaven.

Not only are tripod bases super stable on your side table or on your floor, but the angle of the legs draws the eye and contrasts with other curves in your space (like your sofa or coffee table).

Set the mood with tripod-based lamps in timber for a modern rustic look, or in metal for a more industrial edge.

Featured: Arrowhead Floor Lamp and Arrowhead Table Lamp from New Oriental. Shop lighting online at Zanui.

Kyra Thomsen is a writer and editor from Sydney, NSW. She has experience in copywriting, blogging, journalism, and social media. After completing two degrees in Creative Writing and English Literature in 2013 she began work with the content team at Zanui. Kyra was the winner of the 2012 Questions Writing Prize and her work has been published in print and online for numerous sources, including Writer's Edit, Seizure, and Fairfax Media among others.