We’ve Answered 5 Common Interior Styling Questions

interior styling questions

Don’t you just wish you knew all those little styling secrets that interior stylists know? It would make styling a beautiful home so much less stressful! For those of us who are untrained in the art of interior styling, a lot of questions may arise in our quest to style our dream home.

In the hopes of taking some of the stress out of making essential home styling decisions, we’ve answered five common interior styling questions you might have in your own home styling journey.

Q: How do I know what size rug to get?

Generally, when it comes to rugs, bigger is always better. But the bigger the rug, the bigger the price tag usually is. So it can be tempting to go for a smaller rug size in order to save a bit of money.

how to measure a rug

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Unfortunately, a rug that’s too small for a room can throw everything else off and make the space feel cramped and uncomfortable.

So how do you know what size rug to get?

A: Measure it out first!

You should always measure out your rug before making a purchase.

Use newspaper or tape or something similar to measure out rugs of different sizes. This will help you to visualise how they will sit in your space.

As a general rule of thumb, a rug under your dining table should be big enough that the chair legs don’t catch over the edges when pulled back from the table.

Similarly, your living room rug should extend beyond both sides of the sofa. Failing that, it should at least be large enough that your coffee table and the front legs of your sofa and armchairs sit upon it.

dining room rug interior styling questions


Q: What is the best height to hang an artwork?

Wall art needs to be seen to be appreciated. Therefore, you should make it as easy as possible for anyone and everyone to see it.

A: Hang your wall art at eye level!

The best height at which to hang your wall art is a comfortable eye level. You shouldn’t need to crane your neck up or down to get a good look at your stunning piece of wall art.

The golden number is 60 inches, or roughly 150cm from the ground to the centre of the artwork.

how to hang wall art

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Consider, as well, the size of the artwork you’re hanging. Much like with a rug, the size of your wall art matters.

Something too small will get swallowed up by the blank wall space around it. Something too large will overwhelm the space.

Again, we recommend measuring out the art you’re looking to buy to see how it will sit against the wall and how it feels in the room.

As a guide, art hung above a piece of furniture, such as a console table or sofa, should be about two-thirds of its width. It should also sit roughly 10 to 15cm above that piece of furniture.

wall art interior styling rules


Q: How can I make my bed to look like the ones in the showrooms?

We’ve all walked into a homewares store, seen the beds on display and had to resist the urge to just lay down on them for a while because they look soooo comfortable.

And you just can’t help but wonder, “Why doesn’t my bed look like that?”

A: Go up a size in your quilt and quilt cover!

While you’re somewhat restricted in terms of size when it comes to choosing bed sheets, this is not the case for your quilt and quilt cover.

One thing you can do to make your bed look a little bit more runway-ready is to go up a size in your quilt and quilt cover.

interior styling questions

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If you have a Queen Bed, choose a King-size quilt and quilt cover. This will allow the quilt to drape nicely over the sides and the end of the bed, just like the ones in the showrooms.

Plus, the bigger the quilt, the more quilt there is to go around!

To give your bed even more of a showroom-esque look, you should also add lots of bed pillows (we recommend two European pillows and four standard pillows, minimum) and a few scatter cushions. Finish off by draping a throw casually over the end of your bed.

bedroom interior styling rules


Q: Does my furniture need to match?

There’s nothing wrong with buying matching bedroom or dining room furniture sets. But on the whole, the days of matching every piece of furniture are pretty much behind us.

A: Coordinate instead of matching your furniture

Think about the way you dress for a night out. You don’t tend to wear a top, pants, shoes and a jacket all in the same exact fabric, right?

What makes an outfit interesting is juxtaposition. You wear and carry different pieces and accessories that contrast but also complement each other.

should my furniture match

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The same goes for your home. Choose pieces that complement and contrast, that work just as well in concert as they do solo.

There should be something about your key furniture pieces that makes them feel as though they all have something in common, that they belong to the same space.

The similarities can be subtle. It might be an armchair and a sofa with a similar leg style, like tapered and timber, or straight and black. Or perhaps a side table and coffee table with the same timber finish. Or the colour of your dining table may match the frame colour of your dining chairs.

should my furniture match interior styling questions


Q: What should I do with this old piece of furniture?

We are spending more of our time at home than ever before. It’s therefore important that when you look around your home, the majority of things you see make you happy.

If you’re wondering “what to do” with an old piece of furniture, if you can’t immediately see how it’s going to work in your space, there’s only one thing to do…

A: Lose things that don’t “spark joy”

There’s no sense in holding onto a piece of furniture that annoys you every time you look at it.

Got a piece of furniture hanging around your home that makes you particularly unhappy? Then you need to throw it away, donate it, replace it or do something to change it.

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