3 Homemade Cleaning Remedies Every Host Needs

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Worried about the aftermath of a dinner party? Don’t fret over messy guests – we’ve got some quick home cleaning remedies to remove stains.

Everyone has the occasional guest who leaves a little more mess than anticipated. It takes a good host to not let the horror show on your face when a glass of red spills on your freshly-vacuumed rug, or when dirt marks are left on your tiles from a guest who didn’t quite use the door mat on their way in.

Don’t fret! These things happen, and we’ve got three simple remedies for cleaning up the mess, just by reaching into your pantry!

Grout cleaner

We love the look of floor tiles, but know how hard they can be to keep spick and span. What’s worse is that pesky grout is prone to changing from white to grey very easily – and that’s without the help of the bottom of your guest’s shoes!

Grab a bristled brush (a toothbrush will do!) and bring your floors back to life with this quick mixture.

Cleaning Solution

2 tsp cream of tartar + a squeeze of lemon juice = paste of grout cleaner

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Wine Stain Removal

It isn’t a good dinner party without great wine, but that always leaves the host on edge whenever hands are waved about at the dining table. On edge is an understatement for those with carpet.

In the case that your red wine does spill onto the carpet, reach for the salt shaker.

Cleaning Solution

  1. Dilute the stain with water
  2. Blot with a clean cloth (do not rub the stain from side to side)
  3. Pour salt on the wet surface
  4. Wait till the surface is dry and moisture is absorbed into the salt
  5. Vacuum up the salt

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Grill Grate Scrub

The best part of hosting is watching your guests smile as their freshly cooked dishes are served before them. The worst part is the mess made beforehand – pots and pans piled high in the kitchen.

We’re introducing you to a homemade paste that is perfect for grill grates, racks and oven trays – because let’s face it, those are a nightmare to ‘soak’. Just give it a quick scrub and they’ll be left in better condition than they were to start!

Cleaning Solution

Water + baking soda + a little kosher salt = paste of pot/grill cleaner

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