12 Best Christmas Movies You Need To Re-Watch This Weekend


Christmas movies are one of our favourite ways to get in the festive spirit. There are so many films to get through (and so many genres to cross!) but where do you start?

Turn on the air-con, pop the top on a cold one, bury yourself in the popcorn bowl and fall in love with your favourite films all over again!

We’ve got 12 amazing Christmas movies to get you and your fam feeling all twinkly this holiday season. Did your favourite movie make the list? Let us know in the comments 😉

In no particular order…

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Tim Burton’s 1993 film is a gothic-inspired take on the classic Christmas tale. Fall in love with the stop-motion animation style for something a little out of the ordinary.

2. The Muppet Christmas Carol


Rejoice in the light-hearted fun of Jim Henson’s Muppets with this 1992 musical. A modern take on Dickens’ famous tale, this delightful Christmas movie is a fan favourite sure to inspire nostalgia.

3. Home Alone


This 1990 flick and its zany plot are sure to get you feeling light-hearted this Christmas! Let yourself get swept up in the whirlwind action as young Kevin battles a couple of burglars.

4. Die Hard


Surprised? Don’t be! The action-packed Die Hard starring ‘Brucie’ Willis is the perfect Christmas film to please even the most picky movie buffs. You can’t go past Alan Rickman’s iconic line! (You know the one) 😉

5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


The third film in the crazy Lampoon’s Vacation franchise, this 1989 classic is a childhood favourite for many. Chevy Chase’s quirky humour is sure to have you belly-laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing is!

6. The Santa Clause


If you grew up in the 90s, Tim Allen was Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor but he was also The Santa Claus(e)! Hark back to simpler times with this nostalgic film and enjoy the heartfelt morals hidden in the story. Aw 🙂

7. Elf


For a more modern Christmas movie with just as much crazy comedy as the classics, you can’t go past Will Ferrell in Elf. Those obsessed with the Christmas season will easily relate to Buddy the Elf, while everyone else can just lol along.

8. Jingle All The Way


Another top pick for those Christmas scrooges. Everyone loves Arnie, especially in his quirky kids’ movie phase! This 1996 film will make you laugh, cringe, and feel the spirit of Christmas. OK, mostly you’ll just laugh and cringe 😉

9. The Grinch


If you’re feeling the stress of the holidays, maybe you need a quick dose of Jim Carrey’s wacky comedy. Based on a Dr. Suess book that came out in 1957, this 2000 film is full of energy to get you in the festive mood!

10. The Holiday


For something to snuggle to, check out this modern Christmas classic starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black. A feel-good rom-com to warm your cockles this Christmas season.

11. Miracle on 34th Street


Another uplifting Christmas movie is the primetime classic Miracle on 34th Street, starring the iconic Richard Attenborough. This 1994 remake of the 1947 original has it all. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. What more could you ask for?

12. Love, Actually


We’ve saved the very best til last! This Christmas romantic comedy weaves nine storylines of various characters; young and old, married and single. At the heart of it, everyone is looking for love.

Keep the tissues handy, and absolutely (this is a must) get up and dance along with Hugh Grant 😉


Kyra Thomsen is a writer and editor from Sydney, NSW. She has experience in copywriting, blogging, journalism, and social media. After completing two degrees in Creative Writing and English Literature in 2013 she began work with the content team at Zanui. Kyra was the winner of the 2012 Questions Writing Prize and her work has been published in print and online for numerous sources, including Writer's Edit, Seizure, and Fairfax Media among others.