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Table Lamps

Add a touch of light to your living space - exuding warmth and homely comfort

A bedside lamp is a must-have for every modern bedroom. Practical and stylish, bedside reading lamps play as big a role in achieving your bedroom look as your choice of quilt cover.

From a practical point of view, bedside lights provide the perfect amount of illumination whether you’re reading in bed, lounging atop the covers or having to get up unexpectedly in the middle of the night…

At Zanui, you’re bound to find the right bedside table lamp to suit your needs.

Bedside lights for avid readers

Adjustable bedside lights are ideal for reading because they allow you some control over the direction of light flow. We recommend you look for bedside reading lamps with goosenecks and lamp shades you can move in different directions. You might even find you can read in bed until late without disturbing your partner with the right kind of adjustable lamp!

An LED bedside reading lamp could also be ideal. These generally have a cool white type of lighting that’s perfect for task-based activities, like reading. Such light will minimise eye strain and make it easier for you to read for longer periods of time, plus LED globes are considered more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than other globes.

Bedside lamps for little readers

For children’s bedrooms, small bedside lamps are ideal. A small bedside touch lamp, which turns on and off at the brush of your fingertips, is a safe choice for your little one’s room as it keeps their fingers away from the power cord and from the potentially hot light globe.

Bedside reading lights for those with little space

If your bedside table has very little surface space to spare, opt for mini lamps or clamp lamps. These are specially-designed to take up as little space as possible so you have more room for other bedside essentials. Alternatively, you might consider a wall mounted reading light for your bedroom, or even a floor lamp.

Shop table lamps and bedside lights online at Zanui

Illuminate your sleep space with our extensive range of table lamps. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from mini lamps to larger statement-making designs, touch bedside lamps to LED task lamps and clamp lamps