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how to buy the right sofa for your space

No living room is complete without a sofa. Purchasing a sofa doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You want it to be a good investment to last for years in your home, without a hefty price tag. You want durability and functionality but also on-trend style.

Here at Zanui, we can help you sort through our extensive range of sofas to get the perfect fit for your space.

finding the right size for your sofa

Before even beginning to shop for a sofa, you need to consider your space. Measure your living room as a whole and also measure where you would ideally situate the sofa, so you know your maximum limits. Don’t forget to measure for coffee and side tables too—these can take space as well and could further limit your ideals sofa size. (Of course, you could always forfeit side tables and coffee tables for a larger sofa, if that works better for your household.)

Our top tip is to clear out the area, outline your floor with tape and stand back to take a look. Has it taken too big a chunk of your area? Go smaller. Is it swimming in your living room? Go larger.

With your measurements in mind, it’s time to decide on whether your space needs a 2 seater, a 3 seater, or a 4 seater sofa. If you like the idea of a set but can’t quite fit two separate sofas, consider a modular lounge or chaise. They’re the perfect for kicking your feet up at the end of a long day.

Once you’ve decided your ideal sofa shape and size you can start looking at styles! It can be a good idea to visualise how it will physically fit in your living room to make sure you’re picking a sofa that will work in your home.

choosing material and style

Sofas come in a vast variety of fabrics – linen, leather, and polyester are among the most common. Consider how you will be using your sofa. Is it for everyday use in the living room? Do you need something that’s easy to clean around kids and pets? Or are you after something for pure comfort?

Zanui offers a great range of sofas that ensure durability and on-trend style to suit the needs of every space.

opting for a sofa with function

Whether you’re in a studio apartment or a four bedroom home, a sofa can serve more than just one purpose. Behold the sofa bed! Great for impromptu guests, kids’ sleepovers, and family from out of town, the sofa bed can transform any space into an immediate bedroom.

Brands such as Resort LivingIniko, and Zanui, offer sofa beds that don’t compromise on style, that way your space looks great no matter what function your sofa bed is serving.

accessorising your sofa

Once your ideal sofa is in its new home, it’s time to decorate. Make the space warm and cosy with throws, and even more stylish with cushions and a rug underfoot. Coordinate your sofa with an armchair or contrast textures with stools in the lounge space.

With the range of sofas at Zanui, you’ll be relaxing in no time!