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Sit back and relax into one of our ultra-plush and oh-so-stylish sofas

The Zanui Guide To Buying Sofas Online

Let’s face it – buying a sofa can be daunting. Choosing the right sofa for your living space involves balancing functionality with aesthetics, while keeping details like dimension, price and quality in mind. Choosing a sofa is a commitment and an investment – you want to be happy with your decision for years to come. At Zanui, we organise our range of sofas and sofa beds logically, offering styles that reflect the latest interior trends from Sydney, Melbourne and abroad. We also provide detailed information so that you can make an informed decision. With the convenience, choice and information that Zanui offers, buying sofas online should actually be easier than buying them anywhere else. So relax – we’ve got you covered.

Considering Functionality

First thing’s first – how will you be using your sofa? Will you be lounging around solo or sharing your seating space with family? Will your children – or pets – crawl and jump on your sofa, or will it be reserved for sophisticated gatherings? Perhaps a little of both. Zanui offers a range of stylish 2 Seater Sofa options which cater to smaller spaces, single lifestyles or sunrooms and studies, for a little extra seating space. If you’ve got room for something bigger, lifestyle aside, then check out our 3 Seater Sofa or 4 Seater Sofa range. Choosing a larger sofa allows you the freedom to entertain larger groups, with the added benefit of ensuring you’ve got room to fit your family, or allow it to grow. And while we’re talking about functionality, have you considered Modulars and Sofa Beds? These options provide all of the features of a regular sofa with added practicality.

Pinning Down Your Style

And now for the personal part – what aesthetic are you going for? Do you want something that blends in or stands out? Does your living space have a style theme to adhere to, or are you seeking to create one? From billowing, cushiony comfort all the way to sleek, refined style, Zanui has a range of brands that cater to every personal preference. Globe West flaunts sophisticated comfort, offering your living space subtle design elements that make a big aesthetic difference. For statement pieces, Zanui’s range of Eco Chic sofas provide luxurious aesthetics featuring a plethora of striking patterns that demand attention, but if you’re leaning more towards a classic sofa style – to produce a homely ambience – the Molmic range is worth a close look. Wendelbo combines premium-quality comfort with a more refined design philosophy, but if you need something a little spiffier, browse through the Design By Life range, offering an array of legged sofas that add a classic feel to comfortable seating solutions.

Checking Important Information

Finally, specifications – what size, what material, and what price? These details are a little less difficult to decide upon, and with Zanui’s detailed product pages, finding this information is simple and quick. Apart for the convenience of being able to browse a vast range of sofas from home, you also have access to exact measurement details so that you can ensure your pick will fit your space. Material details, including structure, fabric and colour, are outlined so that you are confident you know exactly what you are buying. You can also filter your search by price range, which grants you the ability to search within your budget. In fact, Zanui provides this function across all their categories, offering you the ease of online shopping, no matter what it is that you’re after.

So go and have a browse. It’s as easy as choosing a sofa.