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Complete your look with a wide range of homewares on Zanui

It’s the finer details and the cosy touches that make a house feel like a home. No space is complete without the right finishing touches, from cushions & throws to décor and wall art and more. Shopping for homewares online is easy with Zanui’s extensive catalogue.

Discover how to make your home your own with these tips for finding and fine-tuning your interior style.

Personalise your home décor with your own unique style

Your home is all about your personal flair for style, and what better way make your house more like a home than to pick the right décor.

How to choose unique accents when decorating

Create a gallery wall with photo frames filled with your favourite memories, or display photo albums and mementos on shelves and tables. It’s the little things that count!

Choose cushions & throws in your favourite colours and patterns, and layer them with textures for a finished interior look. Pair alongside vases and decorative bowls for a finished look.

Add wonder to your walls

As far as wall art goes, the possibilities are endless. Print art and posters are great for framing yourself, and canvas prints are perfect for making a real statement.

Alternative wall art includes rugs (yes, you can hang them up!), photo frames, hangings and wall clocks. These home décor items make your room feel complete. Luckily, you can find all these homewares online with just a click on Zanui!

Create a warm and cosy feel with lighting and rugs

No room is complete without a few staple items. Adorn pendant lights or chandeliers in your entrance or bedside for maximum impact and go for table lamps and desk lamps on side surfaces. A little bit of warmth goes a long way!

But don’t forget your floor, either. Warm texture like shag rugs or hide rugs can make all the difference. Rugs are practical and comfortable, so they’re perfect for living spaces.

Create the perfect sleep haven for your style

Cotton quilt cover sets and bedding are a must-have for all-year-round comfort. Australian homewares brands like Linen House and Aura by Tracie Ellis combine style with practicality in their modern designs. Choose designs that express your style and pair with home décor and ornaments in the finer details.

Don’t forget your ensuite! Give your bathroom a face-lift with towels, handtowels, bath sheets, and bath mats in plush textures and colours.

Update your kitchenware with the latest designs

Don’t stop there, transform your kitchen too! The latest in dinner sets from Maxwell & Williams and Casa Domani can make an everyday table setting feel fresh again, while table linens complete your look.

Kitchenware brands with stainless steel, ceramic and non-stick cookware make cooking a breeze.