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Keep your shoes stylish and safe

Shoes are sometimes the only thing that stands between us and the ground so we know we need to take care of them. Elegant in its simplicity, the solution is shoe cabinets.

When we think of shoe storage we tend to think of that place in the bottom of our closet that’s convenient and out of the way. Or you might be inclined to only utilise a foldable shoe rack so that you can pack up when it’s not needed. (But when is it not needed?) Or perhaps you favour shoe racks just haphazardly placed by your door, barely managing to house your large shoes and boots. And really, that’s no way to keep such an essential part of your wardrobe organised.

There are plenty of options when it comes to shoe shelves, but the most common style is the wooden shoe cabinet. These cabinets often feature drawers that, instead of sliding out, simply open at the top so you can see and access all the shoes within easily. On the other hand, if your shoe collection is ever-expanding, you may be more interested in stackable shoe storage. Stackable shoe racks are ideal for growing families or the fashion-conscious. As your need or desire for more shoes increases, so can your shoe storage.

One of the more important aspects of shoe storage for families can be organising all the shoes per family member. While one large, central shoe cabinet can be convenient, it’s no good if your little ones get their shoes mixed up with yours or their siblings’. Even if you live with friends, you may find yourself needing a shoe organiser instead of standard storage racks. A stackable shoe cabinet can mean your household can assign sections of the cabinet to members within the home. One person gets the top two compartments; the next person can be assigned the two beneath and so on.

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