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Find the perfect rugs online at Zanui

Rug shopping can be overwhelming. With endless sizes, colours, styles and materials at your fingertips, it can be tricky to find the perfect rug for your home.

We’ve made shopping for rugs online simple by having a huge range divided into easy-to-navigate categories and styles. Whether you’re after a hide rug, a retro rug or an eco-friendly jute rug, you can find just what you’re looking for at Zanui.

Defining points, piles, and all that technical stuff

There’s a lot more to rugs than meets the eye! Look past the pattern, colour and style and consider the more technical details. Buying the right rug for your needs will ensure it lasts longer in your home!

What is pile height?

All rugs have a ‘pile height’. That is, the thickness of the rug itself. Some rugs have a very long pile height (like shag rugs, which may have a pile of up to 30mm!).

Others rugs are more dense for everyday wear (around 10-20mm), and others may have a ‘flatweave’ pile which is so low it’s not really considered a ‘pile’.

What are points?

Modern rugs with patterns have ‘points’, which is the measurement of thickness of the woven threads in a given area (usually per square metre). When buying a patterned rug, the more points the better!

High points means that the pattern is intricate and has finer detailing.

What material should I buy?

Heat-set polypropylene rugs are common, as they’re soft underfoot but still durable enough to withstand everyday wear. But if you’re looking for a material a little more unique, consider cotton or wool rugs.

Wool rugs are considered eco-friendly because wool is a renewable resource. Hide rugs are also full of natural texture which makes them easy to care for (and don’t worry, all Australian hides undergo stringent quality testing!).

Jute rugs are often handmade with a flatweave pile, making them durable options for high-traffic areas. They’re easy to maintain with simple vacuuming (just don’t get them wet!).

How to find the right rug size for your space

When it comes to rugs, size does matter! You want your rug to be in proportion with the rest of your living room, dining room, bedroom or home office.

Consider the furniture in your room. Do you have a sofa or coffee table that the rug needs to reach? Or perhaps you want something simpler for under your bed (because nobody likes stepping onto cold floors in the morning!).

Measure your space, but remember that it’s acceptable for rugs to not quite cover all your floor space! The general rule is to have at least two furniture legs on the rug (that’s two sofa legs, or two coffee table legs – you get the idea).

What to look for when buying outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are quite different to indoor rugs. When shopping for a rug for your back veranda, balcony or entertainment area, you want something that’s going to last against the elements. And let’s face it, the Australian outdoors is harsh!

All outdoor rugs will be specially treated to withstand those harsh conditions. Look for rugs with UV protection (to aid in colour fade resistance) and water/mould resistance.

But as with all outdoor décor accessories, consider storing rugs and cushions away indoors when they’re not in use. This ensures they last even longer, despite the rain, hail or shine 😉