Find the perfect rug at Zanui from our online rug collection

With styles to suit every home and budget, you are free to let your imagination be your guide when choosing a rug with Zanui. We make shopping for rugs online simple, using easy to navigate categories and style guides to help you match your furniture and accessories with the perfect rug.

Indulge in a luxurious designer wool rug or retro shag for your living room, impress your guests with modern rugs in your setting, satisfy your need for elegance with designer rugs, find a hardy rug for your dining area or embrace the fresh look of our natural jute rugs, complete a dining room or outdoor setting with comfortable chair mats – whatever your lifestyle, we have you covered for rugs at Zanui.

How do I choose the best rug for me?

To find your perfect match, pair your unique style to your lifestyle – do you need a rug that is soft, easy care, and low maintenance? Are you seeking a rug that will give an organic look and feel to your living space? Do you need table rugs, runner rugs, square rugs? What about jute, wool, cotton, or any other materials? Consider all these options when finding your perfect rug.

How to find the right rug size for your space

When it comes to rugs, size matters! You want your rug to be in proportion with the rest of your living room, dining room, bedroom or home office. Living room rugs should complement the space.

If you have a large sofa that the ends of your rug need to reach, perhaps large rectangular rugs are right for you. Measure your space, but remember that it’s acceptable for rugs to not quite cover all your floor space! The general rule is to have at least two furniture legs on the rug (that’s two sofa legs, or two coffee table legs – you get the idea).

Dining table rugs should reflect the shape of your arrangement. Round dining tables call for round rugs, and square tables need square rugs.

What to look for when buying outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are quite different to indoor rugs. When shopping for a rug for your back verandah, balcony or entertainment area, you want something that’s going to last against the elements.

And let’s face it, the Australian outdoors is harsh! All outdoor rugs will be specially treated to withstand those harsh conditions. Look for rugs with UV protection (to aid in colour fade resistance) and water/mould resistance. But as with all outdoor décor accessories, consider storing rugs and cushions away indoors when they’re not in use. This ensures they last even longer, despite the rain, hail or shine