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What is a nights sleep without a cosy quilt to wrap yourself up in? Quilted blankets, throws and bed covers are the essential components of turning a plain bedroom into a warm and tranquil space that lends itself to peaceful slumbers. A quilt is a thick blanket that is used particularly on colder nights as they have great insulation and promote warmth. Traditional throws are usually sewn using several materials such as cotton, wool, linen and synthetics in ditsy patterns and prints. The modern quilt is typically made with high levels of insulating microfibres and down without decoration, and a cover is then used to dress it up in any way. This means that you can change the style of it anytime with a cover to suit yur mood, and the quilt itself remains clean and fresh.

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Quilted covers are not just designed to adorn kingsize beds. We offer these bed covers and blankets in king, queen, double and single sizes so you're sure to find one that suits your bed frame no matter what the size. We also deal in several brands such as Trend, Odyssey Living and Bambi Ent which specialise in sustainable fibres such as their innovative EcoRenew range.

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Not only do we boast a great quilt selection but we also have a range of accessories and packages on offer such as quilt covers, pillows, throws, duvet sets and mattress protectors. These add-on products are what truly transform your bed into anything you want, whether you require a sleep-inducing chamber of peace, a luxurious and richly-colored private den or a modern and sleek minimalistic bedroom,we have a broad range of products to choose from that will make your ideal bed a reality in no time.

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