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Quilt Covers

Dreamy designs to decorate your bedroom with more than classic comfort

how to buy the perfect quilt cover

quilt cover is so much more than a pocket for your plush quilt insert. It's about expressing your personality through pattern and colour, and brightening your whole bedroom. And hey, it's cosy too.

But quilt covers can be more technical than you think. Think about specific weaves as well as washing maintenance and durability. And if you’re a couple or buying as a gift, there’s design taste to consider!

choosing the material that’s right for you

Quilt covers are commonly woven from cotton or linen, and oftentimes are a blend of both. Cotton is naturally breathable so is great for all-year-round use no matter how hot or cold your house is.

Both cotton and linen are natural fibres so they’re fairly durable, but linen has an oh-so-soft fabric feel that’s lovely to snuggle into in both warm and cool weather. Egyptian cotton is also considered an exceptional material for bedding due to its long fibres and resilient weave.

use your quilt cover to reflect your personal style

Your quilt cover isn’t just there to cover your quilt. Accentuate your bedroom with your quilt cover! Use it to show off your interior style tastes. If you’re a fan of ultra-luxe, in-vogue style, then a designer quilt cover could be the perfect choice for you. If you’re a fan of monochrome, or eye-catching geometric patterns, then a more modern quilt cover might work best.

Our quilt cover range is so diverse, you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes.

what is meant by ‘thread count’?

Thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. This is something you’ll often see mentioned in descriptions of quilt covers and sheet sets.

High numbers are generally up to 1000 thread count and are described as ‘hotel’ weight; the more threads found in the smaller area results in a tighter, crisper weave. Lower thread counts of around 350 to 500 have less thread per square inch and a looser, softer fabric feel.

The thread count you choose depends purely on your comfort preferences. Higher does not necessarily mean better. You might find that a bedsheet set with a 1000 thread count doesn’t feel as soft as one with a lower thread count. It all comes down to the quality of materials used.

what’s included in a quilt cover set?

Many iconic Australian bedding brands, such as Linen House, KAS, and Aura by Tracie Ellis (as well as many more) sell quilt covers in sets.

Quilt cover sets in kingqueen and double sizes include one quilt cover and two standard size pillow cases (that should fit over your existing pillow inserts). Kids quilt cover sets, which are for single beds, usually include only one pillow case, unless otherwise stated.

For a complete bedroom look, don’t forget to style with decor accessories. Layer your bed with European pillows (in European pillow cases!), cushions, and throws.

what size is right for me?

Generally, you can assume that your quilt cover should be the same size as your bed. King quilt covers for king size beds, queen quilt covers for queen size beds, and so on.

However, a little known interior design trick is to opt for a quilt, and therefore a quilt cover, that is one size larger than your actual bed. A queen size quilt cover for a double bed, for example. Not only does it make sure there’s more than enough quilt to go around if you’re sharing a bed, it also makes your bed look that little bit more Insta-worthy when it’s properly made!

For that extra plump look, you could even opt for a quilt cover that’s one size smaller than your quilt. Yes, a queen size quilt will fit into a double bed-sized quilt cover!

quilt covers vs duvet covers vs coverlets

While we’re not here to argue the proper usage of the terms quilt cover and duvet cover, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that they’re both valid. In fact, they mean the same thing!

At Zanui, we prefer to use ‘quilt cover’. But if you’re about duvet covers, that’s OK too!

Coverlets, on the other hand, are a different story. Coverlets provide a lighter alternative to quilts. They’re often generously sized, so that they drape over the sides of your bed, and lightly quilted, often with a polyester filling. They’re perfect for those warm summer nights when a quilt is just too heavy, and are great for adding extra warmth on top of your usual quilt in the winter months.

shop quilt covers online at Zanui

Whether you’re in the market for cotton quilt covers, kids’ bedding sets, coverlets, a bed linen set for your guest room or a designer quilt cover for your own bed, you’re guaranteed to find something just right for you in our extensive range.

Bonus! how to put on a quilt cover (the easy way)

And now, for a quick how-to tutorial 😉 If getting your quilt into the cover is a serious struggle, check out our cheat’s way:

  • Turn the quilt cover inside out
  • Put your arms inside the quilt cover and your hands neatly into the two far corners
  • With your hands inside the cover, grab hold of the two corners of your quilt insert
  • Flip and wriggle like crazy (or get a friend to help pull the quilt cover down)
  • Voila. Bed made!