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Quilt Covers

Dreamy designs to decorate your bedroom with more than classic comfort

quilt covers

When it comes to choosing your quilt cover set, it’s all about personal style and preferences. Are you the type who loves to make a statement with your bedding? Perhaps creating the ultimate, comfortable bed is your priority.

Whatever your bedroom goals, you can find your perfect quilt cover set online. Whether you’re the kind of person that has a few favourite quilt cover sets, or you like to have your linen cupboard full and rotate bedding to suit the styles and seasons, there’s something for you amongst our large range of quilt cover sets.

impressive looks

Looks aren’t everything in the bedroom, but there’s still something to be said for a stylish bed. Eye-catching patterns and prints are perfect if you want to make your bed the focal point of your bedroom. (And why wouldn’t you?)

Modern geometric style, classic florals, contemporary textures, and bold colours are just a few ways you can play with the finish of your bed.

Luxurious feel

A gorgeous-looking bed is one thing, but sliding pure cotton or linen bedding at the end of a long day? Unbeatable.

Cotton quilt covers are classic. Along with linen quilt covers, natural cotton is soft and breathable. This simple factor makes these materials perfect for any bedroom that’s situated in a fluctuating climate.

lasting appeal

As we mature, we often find ourselves less attracted to whatever’s going to stand out the most in the bedroom, and more interested in something that will last, in terms of both trends and durability.

Certain styles and materials (neutral colour palettes and organic materials) will always be welcome in the bedroom.