sleep easier with the perfect pillow from zanui

Find the pillow of your dreams in our fabulous collection of bed pillows. You can select the pillow that suits you best, whether you’re after soft, medium or firm pillows; side, back, or stomach-sleeper pillows; luxurious feather pillows; or supportive European pillows and u-shaped pillows.

To help make choosing the best pillow for you a little easier, we’ve created this handy little guide.

For everyday use: Fibre pillows

Microfibre Blend Pillow

Fibre pillows can have synthetic fillings (e.g. polyester and foam) or plant-based fibre fillings (e.g. Tencel). Some fibre pillows, like microfibre pillows, can be just as soft as feather and down-filled pillows, with the added benefits of being hypoallergenic, mildew-resistant, and odourless as well as environmentally friendly. Often, fibre pillows come in soft, medium and firm options as well as side, back, and stomach-sleeper options.

For luxurious comfort: Duck feather & down pillows

Duck Feather & Down Pillow (Set of 2)

For classic luxury, you can’t go wrong with duck feather & down pillows. Soft and lofty, these pillows can be scrunched and folded to contour to your sleeping position – great for side and back sleepers alike. There’s just something about the weight and feel of duck feather, goose feather, and down pillows that adds a luxurious look to your bed, a look that will never go out of style. With some light fluffing up, they can spring back into shape and regain their loftiness, just like a duck feather & down quilt.

For head and neck support: Memory foam pillows & Latex pillows

Memory Foam Gel Pillow

Memory foam pillows and latex pillows are specially made to contour perfectly to the shape of your head and neck. This helps to relieve pressure and maintain the correct alignment of your spine throughout the night. The result is a more comfortable sleep, and a morning free of aches and pains caused by sleeping in a “funny” position. Many are also dust mite-resistant, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic, and so are great for allergy sufferers.

For mums to be: Pregnancy pillows

U-Shape Support Pillow

Support is an important thing to have when you’re expecting. This includes support while you’re sleeping or lying in bed. Pregnancy pillows and u-shaped pillows (a.k.a v-shaped pillows and boomerang pillows) can provide that extra layer of support. Tuck them between your legs or under your belly, wrap them around you, or lean back on them to relieve discomfort. Of course, u-shaped pillows aren’t just for pregnant women – they provide support for your neck and back, so if that’s what you need then one of these could be just right for you.

For relaxing in bed: European pillows

Everyday European Pillow Twin Pack

European pillows add an extra layer of comfort and style to your bed. These large, square-shaped pillows provide extra back support, and so are great if you enjoy reclining in bed with a good book or to watch a bit of telly. European pillows are a great decorative accent to make a made bed look even neater. To get that “professionally-made-bed” look, place two European pillows behind your standard pillows, add cushions, and you’re set!