Photo Frames & Albums

Photo Frames

Showcase your favourite moments and special memories in everlasting style with frames for your wall or desk

Showcase your happiest memories with photo frames and albums from Zanui

While we might view many of our photos through a screen nowadays, there are certain special photos and prints that should be shown off with pride and viewed in person.

With such a vast range of picture framing options available, the only thing left to consider is the sort of frames you’re looking for.

So ask yourself this: “I want my photo frames to…”


…look like part of my decor

There are many different types of decorative photo frames. Here at Zanui you will find everything from classic fames with intricate filigree detailing around the border to novelty frames shaped like cars, ice creams and other fun things!

If you have a particularly beautiful photo, such as professionally-taken family photograph, you can display it in a large wall frame as if it were a very expensive piece of art. Or, if you’re feeling artistic, you can use a collage picture frame set to show off a few of your favourite snapshots at once.


…let my photos do the talking

When you want your photographs to take centre-stage, your best option is to look for minimalist photo frames made of wood or even plastic. These neutral designs look great in any interior, and really make your photos the focal point.



…have a similar theme

Too many different styles of photo frames can sometimes make a space feel cluttered and disorganised. That’s where frame sets come in.

A photo frame set can be a great way of showing off a number of different snapshots to maximum effect. Shadow box frame sets of different sizes, for example, can create a very artsy display against your walls.

Additionally, picture frame sets can be great for gift-giving. If you’re the type to give school photos of your little ones to grandparents, aunts and uncles, for example, you can make the gift seem all the more special if it’s presented in its own frame.

Frames aren’t just for photographs

Photographs aren’t the only printed items that should be protected and displayed in frames. A poster print should be displayed in a specially-designed poster frame or wall picture frame. Quality poster frames will have protective glass or acrylic casings that will help protect your artworks from things like dust and fingerprints.

Other special documents, like graduation certificates, should be displayed in pride of place in special certificate frames. These are typically very minimalistic and look quite sophisticated, so they can even be displayed in your office or other place of work.

Photographs aren’t just for frames

If you’d like to keep your photos a little more private, a photo album may be more appropriate. You can store dozens of your favourite photographs in a single album, and look back on all those cherished memories whenever you please.

Photo albums are great for thumbing through when you’re feeling a little nostalgic or sentimental. Wedding albums and baby albums, for example, make wonderful gifts that can be cherished for years to come. They can also be passed down from generation to generation if properly taken care of.

At Zanui, we want to make sure your photographs and other important prints can be properly protected and displayed with pride.