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Ceiling Lights

Pendant Lights

Create a feature that guests will fawn over with these statement pendant lights to express your style

brighten up your space with pendant lights

The use of pendant lights and hanging lights in the home has seen a huge rise in popularity recently. Modern lighting is no longer simply about bringing light to a space – it’s about making a statement.

Pendant lights are incredibly versatile. They can be used to provide cosy ambient lighting while you watch TV or eat dinner. They can provide sufficient lighting for completing tasks like reading and writing. And, of course, they can be used decoratively. A pendant light (or several pendant lamps!) hung the right way and in the right place can totally transform your space.

use your ceiling lamps to your advantage

Of course chandeliers look exceptional. They add an element of luxury and grandeur to any interior. But you don’t have to be as ornate as all that with your ceiling lights.

Simple, clear glass pendant lights, for example, can make a statement without being over-the-top intricate and decorative. Glass lamps, many of which allow you to see the warm glow of the bulb within or reflect the light in dazzling arrays, look amazing, but the best part about them is their neutrality. They complement a wide range of interiors, from industrial, to minimalist, to coastal, to art deco.

While sunken ceiling lights are limited in terms of their display capabilities, one of the best things about modern pendant lights is that many of them can be hung in clusters or rows. This can be particularly effective in the dining room, kitchen, or entryway. In particular, hanging a row of three or more pendant lights above a kitchen island has become a popular interior trend. When attempting this, aim for simplistic designs, such as black iron or clear glass shades, so as not to overcrowd the space.

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Our collection includes everything from ornate chandeliers to those simple glass pendant lights we mentioned. We have a huge range of original modern lighting options, plus plenty of classic, time-tested replica lighting designs. For the eco-conscious, why not try an LED pendant light?

Whatever your lighting needs, whether you’re intention is to make an on-trend interior style statement or to be practical in terms of your lighting choice, Zanui has you covered.