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Create a feature that guests will fawn over with these statement pendant lights to express your style

brighten up your space with pendant lights

The use of pendant lights and hanging lights in the home has seen a huge rise in popularity recently. Modern lighting is no longer simply about bringing light to a space – it’s about making a statement.

Pendant lights are incredibly versatile. They can be used to provide cosy ambient lighting while you watch TV or eat dinner. They can provide sufficient lighting for completing tasks like reading and writing. And, of course, they can be used decoratively. A pendant light (or several pendant lamps!) hung the right way and in the right place can totally transform your space.

selecting your pendant lights

Do you want your pendant lights and ceiling lamps to be an extension of your décor, or do you simply want them to illuminate your space? Which one of those you answer yes to will help guide you towards the right pendant light for your needs. To help you further narrow down your choices, we’ve broken down a few other important elements you may want to think about.

Shape and type


Pendant lamps come in all shapes and sizes. Shade shapes include bell, cone, dome, teardrop – just to name a few. They can be a single hanging light shade or a bar pendant, also called a linear pendant, with multiple shades attached to a single canopy or rod. Some pendants are simple and understated light fixtures, while others are ornate and glamorous. If you’re accessorising a particular aesthetic, consider how the shape and type of your pendants would work with that style.

Material and colour

Bistro Wooden Pendant Light

Common pendant light materials include metal, glass, timber and concrete. Pendants usually come in colours that the material they’re made of would normally be found in. Metal might be silver, gold, bronze or black. Concrete will often be grey or white. Glass may be slightly tinted to appear a different colour, or it might be clear. Material and colour are important in terms of your aesthetic. A rattan pendant would look great in a coastal or bohemian space, for example, but would be jarring in a minimalist or industrial aesthetic.


Cottage Industrial Pendant Light

While some pendant lights, like simple, clear glass pendant lights, are all-rounders that can work in almost any aesthetic, others have a specific style. Quite often it’s easy to tell what style a pendant is just by looking at it. A vintage-industrial pendant will have that distinct dome shade with a metal chain suspension. A modern pendant light will be sleek and simple, usually black or white metal or perhaps made of glass. At Zanui, a replica pendant light will always have the word ‘replica’ in its name.

Number of lights

Liverpool 3-Light Pendant

Certain pendants look great when suspended in a row of three or more. Other pendants look amazing when hung in a cluster. A single 3-light or 4-light pendant can work just as well as multiple pendant lights suspended side by side. Some might say that many lights are better than just one, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes a single, large statement pendant can be all you need. This is especially true in the case of chandeliers.  

find the right pendant light for you at zanui

Our collection includes everything from contemporary pendants made of concrete and timber, to classic glass lamps, to ornate chandeliers, to ceiling lamps that sit flush against your ceiling. We have a huge range of original modern lighting options, plus plenty of classic, time-tested replica lighting designs. For the eco-conscious, why not try an LED pendant light?

Whatever your lighting needs, whether you’re intention is to make an on-trend interior style statement or to be practical in terms of your lighting choice, Zanui has you covered.