Balance your room with our extensive collection of Mirrors. With trending & classic styles of wall & floor mirrors for your bathroom, dressing room & bedroom, you can add style & practicality into your everyday.

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Practical décor

The mirror is a perfect piece to glamourise your interior whilst also providing practicality. Have a final look at your outfit and makeup before you leave with the convenience of a mirror placed on your bare walls, whether it be in your foyer or entryway.

The Floor Mirror

The floor mirror is great for giving you a full body once over around the house. Check out how you look before you head off for work or a party. These are meant to lean against your bare wall. Some even come with a stand to make sure the mirror is better supported against the wall. Explore the various designs they can come in, from carved frames, panelled glass, and curved shapes for a unique fixture.

The Wall Mirror

The wall mirror will elevate your bare walls with stylish functionality. Touch up your hair and makeup with glamourous convenience. They come in a variety of shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and eccentric, edgy structures for an accent piece. Some come with helpful features such as an open shelf along the base, the perfect place to store your lipstick or pocket comb.

Stylish materials

The variety of borders features a range of colours and designs. Choose from glamorous, intricate thick borders or thin, minimalist borders. They are crafted from high quality materials that enable a range of designs to suit any interior. Frommetal, timber and rattan framed mirrors, they can be fixtures that reflect different aesthetics like modern, minimalist, coastal, or bohemian to name a few.

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