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Illuminate your home with beautiful lighting options from Zanui

Whatever your style and wherever your space, good lighting can make or break the look of your home. Light gives you vision and Zanui’s extensive range of designer lighting and lighting accessories can help bring out the interior stylist in all of us.

Whether you’re looking for mood lighting for the dining room, stylish kitchen lighting, spotlights to view wall art or sculptures, waterproof outdoor lights, luxury chandeliers, funky bar lighting, LED lighting options, or any other type of lighting you might need for your space, Zanui has you covered.

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Both functional and style-driven, modern domestic lighting is not just about seeing your way around. Lighting design can have as much of an impact on your interiors as colour choice. Good thing there are so many choices!

White lighting or lights with a warm glow? Pendant lights you can hang in clusters or pendant lights that hang perfectly on their own? Practical, space-saving desk lamps or table lighting that makes a statement? To help you figure out what you’re looking for, here’s everything you need to know.

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Indoor lighting

Prisma 3-Light Pendant

Ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps focus the light to create shade and mood. The versatility of these lights can make subtle or more blatant design statements. Indoor ceiling lights are all about brilliance. Though if you are looking for a cosier feel, dimmer switches or just the right lamp shade can help regulate light and warmth for a more intimate atmosphere—perfect for romantic dining light.

Pendant lights are ideal for suspending over dining tables and creating a sense of grandeur in the kitchen, in the hallway, or the dining room. They can also create great mood lighting in a bar, restaurant, or café.

Outdoor lighting

Cambridge 1Lt Outdoor Light

When the brightness of day gives way to the intimacy of night, you can really set a mood with the right outdoor lighting. You may have a typical backyard—perfect for summer bbqs—a small concrete patio—great for afternoon tea—or a spacious garden—made for outdoor entertaining. Whatever your space, your outside area can be a fun and functional extension of your home.

From pretty, twinkling fairy lights, to vintage outdoor wall lanterns, to bright spotlights that light up a path, our extensive choice of designer outdoor lighting gives you a fabulous opportunity to extend your home into the great outdoors, as well as to blur the boundary between night and day.

Contemporary lights vs Vintage lights

Bankers Touch Desk Lamp

You will find both modern, updated styles of lighting and vintage lights in our range. You might think of some of our contemporary lights as functional pieces of artwork, in that they will contribute as much to your interior aesthetic as colour choice and wall art would. Others have vintage designs that will never go out of style, such as classic dome-shaped metal pendants on a chain suspension and bankers lamps with a classic green shade and brass base.

Many of our lights, including desk lamps, pendants, and floor lamps, are also LED globe-compatible to help you save energy at home for a more environmentally-friendly.

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Cool white lighting is great for more modern spaces looking to showcase colourful design choices elsewhere in the décor. Warm yellow lights, on the other hand, help create a cosy and relaxed vibe – perfect for living room lighting and bedroom lighting.  

Lamp shades and other lighting accents enhance whatever atmosphere you create with your lighting. Brass and iron light fixtures will promote an industrial look while for Scandi lighting, crisp white and pale wood are the way to go. It’s all about finding the right lighting for your space, and we’re confident you’ll be able to find it at Zanui.