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Lighten the load of housekeeping with laundry accessories from Zanui

Most laundries are functional parts of the home, rather than style centres. Because they’re usually quite small (many homes don’t even have an actual dedicated laundry room), they need to be well-organised. Here are our top tips to help you maintain a clean and tidy laundry area.

1 – Optimise your storage space

Teak Angle Towel Stand

Not every laundry has room for storage cabinets and linen cupboards. Quite often you have to make use of limited storage space. It can be handy to install wall shelves in the laundry to store all your laundry accessories and care & cleaning products, from washing detergent to leather cleaners. And for those used towels, a towel stand can provide a convenient, out-of-the-way place (much better than the floor or a closed-in basket) to let them air-dry to prevent that musty smell.

2 – Sort your laundry in hampers & baskets

Sawyer Basket (Set of 3)

To make things easier come laundry day, why not encourage the family to sort their clothes, bedding, delicates, whites, darks and so on into separate laundry baskets? If space does not permit this, you can still make use of hampers and baskets. Natural fibre baskets are very on-trend, and can be great for disguising any unpleasant smells and sights that can sometimes come with the territory of dirty laundry. Stackable baskets and laundry tubs can also help you save space.

3 – Keep a waste bin handy

Flower Laundry Lint Bin

After you’ve cut swing tags off new clothes, dug tissues out of pockets and finished the bottle of detergent, you need somewhere to put the rubbish. Keeping a waste bin handy ensures disposables aren’t just forgotten and left behind in the laundry. It’s also a great idea to keep a lint bin handy to safely and hygienically dispose of lint from the dryer.

Whether you’re looking for laundry baskets, hampers and tubs, cleaning products, or even rug or leather care products, Zanui has you covered.