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Lighting Accessories

Lamp Shades

Revamp your lighting with the texture and charm of a stylish shade, diffusing ambient light while completing your look

soften your space with stylish lamp shades from Zanui

Lighting is all about creating a warm, soft, inviting, and cosy space. But, the specific style you want can vary from room to room. A linen lamp shade can look amazing in a bedroom, but feel totally out of place in an outdoor setting. Chandeliers might make an entryway feel grand and homey but in a bathroom, they can feel out of place.

deciding what will fit

Knowing what kind of lamp shade design you want in your space is important, but it’s also important to make sure that the size and shape will fit into your décor. Pendant lights and ceiling lights are excellent for homes with high roofs, and little floor space. A floor lamp and table lights can be statement pieces that are both functional and attractive, and can create an opportunity for bold good looks while still maintaining a spacious home.

subtle touches that make your room pop

Sometimes it takes a delicate touch to really bring your space together, which is where an out of the way ceiling lamp or a petite table lamp can shine. Delicate touches are just as powerful as bold ones, when used correctly. Find your style from our range of lamp shades online and complete your space.