Kids Lighting

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Lamps to light up their side tables and study desks while styling their space with personality

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Lighting may be one of the last things we consider when creating a kids’ space. But it’s an integral element of the room. They’ll need a bedside light so they can read before bed, a table lamp so they complete homework if they have any, not to mention a well-lit space is easier to keep clean. (We all know how messy little ones can get.) But how do you know how to choose the right light for your little one’s space? There are a few key things to keep in mind…

While decorating a kids’ space may offer you a lot of freedom at first, all that can change as your young one starts to grow up. This is something to keep in mind as you choose your kids’ lighting.

Kids may love youthful patterns as toddlers, but teenagers can be less inclined to admire purple polka dots. The fact that children grow may encourage you to favour a monochromatic, neutral design. This can work well as it’s gender-neutral and will last a long time.


The correct lighting can do more than just illuminate the space. It can let our personality shine through. And when it comes to kids’ lighting, there’s personality to boot.

A large part of the personality you can express with lighting is colour. The lamp shades we use in living rooms are often neutral, muted tones. But kids might want bright blue lampshades, giving their bedroom an underwater vibe. Or lampshades with interesting, child style patterns might interest them and you.


But another option is adjustable style.  You can opt for a neutral lamp whose shade can be removed and changed. This can make your life a lot easier as you won’t need to find a whole new light to satisfy your little one’s ever-changing style. Plus if they ever change their mind, it’s easy to pop the old lamp shade back on.

Sometimes style has to take a backseat, though. While we all want to make sure our younger loved ones will like the lighting they have for years, it is more important to make sure they have lighting. Kids’ lighting has to be durable enough to withstand the accidental bumps that are sure to happen as kids run about and play.


One of the solutions to this is to only employ ceiling lights. Lights on the ceiling are always useful, but sometimes you want multiple sources of light in your space. This often means at least one table or floor lamp and for these you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing sturdy materials.  Hardy materials like plastic and steel are designed to endure a little wear and tear.

Once you’ve decided the material you want to utilise, remember to make sure that the bulb is encased safely. If a lamp is accidentally knocked over the last thing you want is the bulb to break. An enclosed lamp that keeps the glass of the bulb safe is always a safe choice when choosing your lighting. (Even for room beyond a kids’ space!)

Kids’ lighting can grow and change with your little one or be switched out for something a little more mature when necessary. The most important thing to keep in mind is how fun kids’ lighting can be! So explore the range of kids’ lighting online now at Zanui and start your lighting journey.