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create a modern space with zanui’s huge range of industrial furniture

Zanui offers an extensive range of industrial furniture online, including industrial tables, industrial chairs and plenty of other industrial modern furniture. Our industrial furniture style is perfect for those looking for long-lasting furniture with an edge.

what is industrial style furniture

When creating an industrial space, you need to know what industrially designed furniture means.

Industrial furniture has a rustic, vintage look fused with a modern touch. This style involves plenty of wood, iron, and bronze accents often in bold designs. The metal can sometimes be distressed and the wood can be cracked to add authenticity. Raw materials like brick and concrete are a regular feature of this style.

Industrial lighting and industrial homewares are other great ways to incorporate these metallic elements into any room of your home. Using industrial style décor is also great for balancing masculine and feminine aesthetics.

setting the scene for industrial dining

Our industrial range of dining tables, chairs, and stools can help you create an industrial dining atmosphere sure to catch the eye.

When choosing your table it’s important to remember to preserve the rugged good looks of the wood. The industrial style loves natural grains, or even contrasting grains and wood colouring for a look that pops.

Don’t forget that the industrial look isn’t exclusive to your home. An industrial table and industrial stools work together to create distinct looks even in a restaurant or café.

make the style work for you

If you’re styling your home office space, you want to create something that helps you work. Industrial cabinets, industrial desks, industrial drawers, and plenty of other industrial office furniture encourage a focussed environment, as it did throughout the industrial revolution.

top tips

Choose your materials wisely, create a colour palette that matches your personality, soften the metal, concrete, brick or wooden look with some soft textures. A well-placed faux fur throw, jute rug or a vase of flowers can offset your industrial furniture with texture, colour and style.

Whether you’re looking for industrial furniture in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, or anywhere in Australia in-between, Zanui has the range to suit your needs and style.

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