Floor Lamps

Let your lighting make an impact with these statement styles

With so many different varieties of floor lamps, it can be tricky to decide which one is best for you. There are a few important factors you should consider when choosing a floor lamp for your space. Thinking about these can make the process of choosing a lot simpler.

Body shape

Floor lamps come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simple and space-saving, designed to blend effortlessly into a corner of your interiors. Others are more statement-making, with big drum shades or long, curving bodies. Two of our favourite types are:

Arc floor lamps

Arc floor lamp

These are the kinds with the long, curved, overarching necks. They look best stretched slightly over a sofa or armchair. They’re incredibly versatile, but work particularly well in modern and contemporary interiors. For a more industrial-inspired aesthetic, be on the lookout for brass or copper finishes and dome-shaped heads.

Tripod floor lamps

Tripod floor lamps

As the name suggests, these stand on three legs. They’re well-balanced and work in a range of interiors, from coastal to minimalist. 
For Scandi style, look for wood legs and white drum shades. For an urban-inspired aesthetic, try a spot light with an adjustable head and a chrome finish.

Adjustable or Fixed

Adjustable or Fixed

Some standing lamps are what they are and cannot be changed, and sometimes that’s all you need. Others are more flexible. They might allow you to adjust their height, turn the heads different ways, or come with goosenecks that help you direct the light flow. The latter is great for task lighting, which you’ll need if you’re reading or doing a crossword. Fixed lamps, on the other hand, are best for mood lighting.

Lamp Bases

Lamp Bases

The base of your lamp is just as important as the shade in terms of style. For contemporary or coastal style you might like a wooden lamp base. For a more vintage aesthetic, an aged brass or silver finish on the base will work wonders. Some lamps have the same material on the base and on the shade, and these generally cannot be changed. Others will have a contrast between the two, such as a metal base and a cotton shade. While the shade can often be changed in these cases, the base cannot be. So it’s important to make sure your lamp bases match your interior aesthetic.

Lamp Sets

Instead of just one floor lamp, you might consider a set of lamps instead. Lamp sets can be practical as well as stylish. Matching lamps, placed in your living room or bedroom, can create symmetry and balance, an important factor in your décor. As your needs change, you could then move one lamp into another room as you desire.