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The Zanui Guide To Entertainment Units: how to select the right display for your home media

For many people, the living room is the centre of the home. It is the communal area, the place for social interaction, play and relaxation. As such, we tend to keep all kinds of stuff handy in this space – television screens, media players, gaming consoles, stereos and speakers – not to mention the plethora of disks, cartridges, books, and board games we collect to help us enjoy ourselves. Keeping all this equipment ordered can be a challenge, especially if you really enjoy home media. How exactly do you fit it all in one place? And how do you keep the array of home media covered up, or displayed? Guiding you through a few simple considerations, Zanui can help you select the perfect TV entertainment unit for your home.


How we want our TV cabinets to function depends entirely on what we have to display, and what we need to store. Do you have a simple set-up, perhaps a TV and some books and ornaments? Or do you boast an extensive collection of die-hard gaming equipment? Do you like having your stuff out on display? Or would you prefer to keep it all concealed? For covered-up media storage space, opt for the Patter Entertainment Unit from Living by Zanui, or for generous open shelving to create a media display, something akin to the Dali Entertainment Unit from U.S Designs should fit your functional requirements nicely.


The next thing to consider is finish, including colour and material details. Having a clear understanding of the style of your living room interior is a good start, as the existing colour palate, flooring and furniture of your space will ultimately determine the TV unit you choose. Is your interior traditional, featuring refined wood and creamy, neutral palates? Or is your space contemporary, with glossy finishes and open spaces? For instance, matching a TV unit to a modern interior is simple with the Liana Entertainment Unit from Modish, but traditional interiors require something more along the lines of the Paris TV Cabinet from Hudson Furniture. But if you’re after an item that creates a style in your blank-canvas interior, check out Rope 1 Drawer 1 Door TV Unit from SLH for added eccentricity. 


The shape of your new entertainment unit will depend on the dimensions of your space. Do you need to fill up a big, expansive room? Or make the most of a smaller area? Is the ceiling high or low? Will your TV cabinet have windows to contest with? Larger pieces are great for bigger rooms as block palates pull in wide space, while smaller rooms need pieces more like the Ruji TV Unit from Kayu Estate. You can also get creative with smaller spaces by adding wall-mounted shelves or bookcases to invent your own functional set-up.


It is a good idea to consider how you would like to decorate your living room before choosing your TV cabinet, as these factors should ultimately influence your final decision. Do you need space for a few travel knick-knacks and your favourite pot plant? Have a look at the Kedasa Black Entertainment Unit from Bonavista Interiors. Do you plan on creating a photo-frame shrine of family and friends? Or will your entertainment unit act as more of a bookshelf than a TV cabinet? Options like the Ashbourne 2 Drawer Entertainment Unit from Dover & Mason and the Loft 3 Drawer TV Unit from SLH are worth looking into.