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Cutlery is a fundamental part of the makeup of any kitchen. From large family homes to small apartments, the knife, fork and spoon are essential little tools. But these items extend far beyond such basics to include any type of cooking or eating utensil such as chopsticks, cake servers, soup ladles and salad tongs. There are also a host of varieties within each category which are tailor made for the specific function they aim to perform such as dessert spoon, teaspoon, serving spoon and soup spoon. Such items are very helpful to have in busy kitchens as they make the process easier and faster. These products can be made from plastic, stainless steel and silver, which offers a very hard-wearing and durable quality. And while a plain and simple style is favored by many, there is an array of more stylish and unique options available such as items with elaborate handles or a twist on traditional forms.

Fantastic Brands in Cutlery

We offer knives, forks, spoons and related items in some of the best brands available. From Maxwell and Williams to Bugatti, Qualy, Tramontina, Victorinox, Gense and Metal Art, you are sure to find a brand that meets your needs and taste. Products on offer range from steak knives, cheese knives, bread knives, pate knives and table knives to cake forks, cocktail forks, oyster forks and table forks.

A Range of Cutlery Sets

While we offer single dining accessories that can be bought individually, we also have a host of dining sets and table top items that can be purchased together as a set. Choosing a dining set means that items match perfectly and compliment each other, making your table top look great. We have smaller 16-piece sets to 24-piece, 56- piece and even 101-piece sets in both traditional and contemporary styles.

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