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Cushions & Throws


Transform your bed or sofa with a plush and practical accent piece, perfect for lazing back on

Cushions add the cosy to your decor all year round

Cushions are your go-to decor accents when you’re looking to make your house a home. They add snug comfort, rich textures, and unique personality to your living spaces. Cushions instil pops of colour and pattern within your aesthetic, from your armchairs and sofas to your beds and outdoor lounges.

Cushions can transform your home instantly without breaking the bank. Change up your decor with the seasons simply by swapping out your cushions and throw rugs. Create an inviting and welcoming space with soft furnishings for when friends drop by – eek out those afternoons and evenings in relaxing style.

Here are a few tips to help you find your perfect sofa mate(s). Your cushions are out there 😀

Opt for cushions that pick up and contrast the palette of your furniture

Cushions help you create a cohesive look. Defining your decor palette is an important step towards selecting the right cushions for your living room.

Look to your larger furniture pieces, like your sofas and sideboards, bookshelves and coffee tables for your base colours. Choose cushions that pick up one or several of these hues to draw your room together. Linen House and KAS offer contemporary to classic cushion designs in a range of colours.

Combine different sizes and shapes of cushions in your décor

Cushions work in tandem so consider how your cushions talk to each other 😉  Think about how each cushion’s colour and shape works within the wider aesthetic. Do they support each other in palette and placement?

Work with an odd number of cushions for a contemporary look, or an even number for a more formal style. Larger cushions work well with breakfast cushions, whilst collections of small scatter cushions create a busier look.

Textured cushions add depth and dimension to your living room

Create a layered look with an interesting fusion of textures in your cushions. Opt for pure cotton or Mongolian lambswool, faux fur, leather, linen, velvet and more.

Rapee, Bambury and Aura by Tracie Ellis offer a wide selection of on-trend designs and finishes.

Reinvent your sleep space with stylish cushions

Turn up the snug factor in your bedroom with chic scatter cushions. Opt for diverse shapes and soft textures for a plush feel. Appliqued patterns, cosy cable knits and embroidered detail adds visual interest to your bedroom.

Pick up the palette of your cushions in your throw rugs and other soft furnishings for that finished look.

Outdoor cushions create a relaxing outdoor zone

Enhance your outdoor environment with outdoor cushions and rugs. Outdoor cushions come in a wide range of designs, from traditional stripes to tropical prints and bold block colours. Pop them on your outdoor lounges and dining spaces and recline in comfort!