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Nursery Furniture


For safe sleeping and cosy dreaming in style

Find a Broad Range of Cots Online

Buying a cot onlinemeans an exciting and special time is about to begin. Cotsare essentially beds for babieswith a suitable mattress, designed to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment surrounded by high panels on all sides so that baby is kept safely confined without the danger of crawling out and hurting themselves as they would in a conventional bed. A baby bedis usually made from natural materials such as oak, pine and maple and many have extra features such as hidden drawers and adjustable heights. The variety of styles available in baby bedsranges from traditional white pannelled cribsto modern and sleek dark brown designs.

The Best Names in Cots

Whether you are expecting your first baby or want to update the beddingof your infant, we have a great selection of products. A cotis the very first bedyour baby will sleep in. They will spend a large amount of time in these little cosy cribs, so getting the ideal cotthat you are just as happy with as your baby, is crucial. We appreciate that you only want the best for your baby and that is why we offer only the best and most reliable brands in baby bedsincluding Touchwood, Leander, Bertini and Ubabub.

Varieties of Cots

While newborns usually stay in a moses basket for the first few weeks of their life, the transition to a cribis quick and inevitable so it is vital to be prepared. With our diverse selection of cribsfor families across Australia, you can be sure that your baby will drift happily off to dreamland no matter what style you choose. Matching the decor of your baby's room is simple as several of our products are entirely neutral so will blend into any interior style and will set off any type of beddingaccessories or toy.