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Child Safety Products

Child safety is of paramount importance for every parent and guardian. Fortunately, with our large range of products dedicated to ensuring the safety of your child, you can minimise the risk of accidents happening to your kids. From digital video monitors to safety stair gates, our products will give you peace of mind when you need it most. Reduce the risks of electrocution with our safety plug covers, and rest easy with our specially designed door grips that will protect your children from getting their fingers trapped. We believe that children's safety should always come first, so we stock only the very highest quality items.

Child Safety Furniture

One of the most common ways that young children hurt themselves within the house is by bumping into unfriendly and sharp furniture. That's why we stock a large range of table edge protectors that soften the blow when a child accidentally bumps their head against harsh edges. Another common household safety problem is when children get their fingers trapped in the kitchen drawers and cupboards. We have a number of different kids' safety latches and locks to ensure that this need no longer be the case inside your home.

Top Quality Child Safety Products

When it comes to your child's safety, quality products are vital. Our children's products feature top of the range brands such as Dreambaby, Avent, and Safety 1st , which are subject to the highest quality industry safety tests. Whilst browsing for household goods, you may also want to consider your family's safety on the road. From child seat belt safety straps to travel rear view mirrors, we have all the goods to ensure that your child is as safe and happy as possible. With our quick and easy checkout process you can start ensuring your child's safety and family's safety today.

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